Thursday, February 3, 2011

Glass Tree

I had a much better day today. It's wild to me how one day can be so low I think I'll never see light again and the next can be very good, almost to the point of feeling normal and forgetting. Twenty four hours can really change things.

I "Walked Away The Pounds" this morning. That's an exercise video for jumbo sized people who can't do too much. I really do feel so much better mentally if I move more. I'm issuing myself a four day challenge to do an exercise vid every day. I'm going to try to sucker encourage Belinda to be in the challenge too.

I went to the Tile Place and gave Tile Lady a down payment for the kitchen stuff. Whew. What a load off my mind. Like so many things these days, it doesn't really matter to me that the couch has become a storage place for dry goods or that even if I did want to make brownies, I probably wouldn't want to dig the mixing bowls out from under the bed where lots of kitchen stuff is being stored for the duration but it will be nice when the actual kitchen is functioning again. Unfortunately, that won't be for at least four more weeks.

Then I took myself to see Black Swan. What a beautiful clusterf*&^ of a movie! I really identified with Natalie Portman's character because I'm a dancer too. NOT a thin starving ballerina striving for perfection. However, I do dance on the edge of sanity just like her character did. She did a fancy ballerina leap over to crazytown. I hope I never have the need to do that. I'd probably throw out my back. I loved looking for all the foreshadows, background references to birds and all the control and mind games. I can see why there is Oscar buzz.

I was staring out the window this morning, as I'm wont to do so often these days, and I couldn't help but notice the way the rising sun shone on the ice covered tree making it look as though it was made of glass.

Inspired by my camera wielding friends here and there , I had to snap a pic to share with you. I wish I was a better photographer with a better camera so you could see it like I did. It probably didn't help that I was too lazy to actually go outside and take the picture but took it from the window.

And here is a bonus shot of Clara B. Dog. She has a barely noticeable limp now, however, she thinks she's completely recovered and runs about in an untroubled and happy-go-lucky way.

Oh to be an untroubled and happy-go-lucky canine.....


  1. Wow great picture! The light and colors are beautiful. The tree and the horizon are in the right places. Love the barn and silo in the background.
    The second pic seems like the tree is covered in gold glitter.Uh oh...You might be getting "the photo eye". ;)

    I'm glad you had a better day today.

  2. I'm so glad you had a better day today - I hope the good days come more frequently, and the bad days are as awful.

    Your pictures are beautiful, even if taken through the window - the light is amazing.

    And as for this: " I hope I never have the need to do that. I'd probably throw out my back." - I love your sense of humor, Paige!

  3. I really like the first picture, that gorgeous early-morning light makes everything so pretty!
    And yes, I see the shimmer of the glass tree. That is an absolutely gorgeous view- why aren't we neighbors,again?
    I'm happy Clara is getting around OK now.
    Ya know, Mendy and I would be very happy if you decided to take up photography :)
    Black Swan was outstanding! You should have called me up if you wanted company. I was pretty bored today. (Not bored enough to want school again, but bored nonetheless)
    I watched a Netflix movie and Reiki massage was mentioned in it and I thought of you. The lady in the massage gave one to the guy in the movie, so I kind of got to see the "movie version" of what they did to you.

  4. We had the glass effect here yesterday. And I thought of how beautiful it is. Unless of course you are shoveling out your drive at 530 am and trying not to slip on the black ice that has formed in the middle of the loooooong driveway, or driving and trying to make sure not to hit a patch of it ;)
    Otherwise I love when the trees get that gorgeous icy look!!!!!!
    And I'm glad you had a nicer day today too :)

  5. Glad you had a better day...beautiful photos. It's good to hear your old sense of humour peaking through.

  6. Beautiful pictures, Paige.
    Wishing you untroubled days ahead...

  7. Here's to hoping those good days frequent you more often than not. Excellent and beautiful photos...the tree looks like it has magic fairy dust on it!!!

  8. Glad it was a better day and I hope there are more of them in your future.

  9. Great shots.

    Great flick. I am sad for the part that you connect with Paige. It is understandable.

  10. Love your pics, Paige. And I love Clara girl even if she doesn't fancy me. : )