Monday, February 21, 2011

Healing Mojo

Second Reiki session today. Lots to tell. Before the actual session started I told her all my physical complaints. I knew she was or had been an OB nurse and I asked her what she knew of Dr. H. I told her what they had said at the support group. She told me he was a good doctor and she didn't think he cut corners or was rushed. I told her what had happened with Jae and her friends sending me gold light. She explained that our energy is all connected like a spider web. People can send anyone good energy similar to being on a prayer chain. You only need to know the person's name. She told me she "works" on her clients even in the days and weeks after a session. I told her I thought I was "getting" energy from my students. She said I should definitely try to do that. Children have plenty of pure energy because life has not dimmed it yet and they constantly make more so can spare some for me. She asked me what good things I was doing for myself. I told her about exercising and writing and doing the Photo 365 Challenge with my friends.

Then the session started and it was different from my first one. Although, I had really looked forward to it and had a lot I wanted to work on, there was some sort of resistance from within me during the session. Afterwards, Janet said the left side of the brain sometimes gets in the way. During my first session, my mind was completely void of thought but it was different this time. Thoughts of people and pictures kept coming to me in a gentle way. The faces of certain friends, students and coworkers came to me. Stretch came and stayed in my mind for a long time and thoughts of each picture I've taken for the 365 Challenge floated through my mind. A baby showed up. I was throwing it in the air and it was laughing.

Physically I felt a lot of the same sensations I'd had before only milder. The gold light didn't come to me as readily as it did before, I had to really work at it. She worked a long time on my knees which I'd told her had been bothering me since the Zumba session and she was a long time at my ovaries since I'd told her I hadn't had a period since losing Greyson. Afterward she said my right knee was angrier at me than my left. I must admit my knees have felt much better all afternoon. She said my ovaries were asleep, my right much more so than my left. Guess my right side is just all jacked up.

I told her of this baby I'd seen and that I'd seen it before at it's first birthday party. I asked if it was Greyson. She said it was not Greyson but probably another baby who would come into my life. She told me I had a strong and deep mothering instinct within me.

She said my uterus was still holding on to Greyson, although healing was taking place, I was still holding on. She said that Greyson had known that he would not have fullness of life, he'd known that his job on this Earth was to be here for me, to teach me lessons. She said she'd "gotten" something about the pictures I've been taking. She said each one was a message from Greyson. I started crying and explained that I'd been waiting and waiting and searching for some sign from him letting me know he was ok. She said of course he was, his job was to move through the living Earth and through me.

She talked of my right brain being very active and moving softly all the time. The creative side. I said I don't do enough with that side. She said that I was by taking the pictures but the left side of my brain keeps getting in the way, telling me I'm not good enough, etc. She told me to be easy with myself. I mentioned that it was a lifelong thing. She told me she'd "gone back" and that I'd been this way since I was three. Something happened then that triggered the negative self talk.

How could she know all this??? How? I know all this stuff sounds absolutely batty. I know. If I hadn't experienced it myself and I read it on someone else's blog, I'd probably think they were a little off. All I know is that this woman has extraordinarily strong and beautiful mojo and physical problems go away or lessen after a session with her. Emotionally, I feel more complete when I leave.

As I left, I was trying to thank her and could hardly get the words out. She thanked me so enthusiastically and acted like it was a special gift to work with my energy.

I got Chinese food and had lunch at Mom's afterward and told her everything. I think she believes some of it and thinks some of it is craziness. Dollface was there and wanted to come home with me for the afternoon. We watched a lot of silly animal video clips on youtube and ate popcorn. I tried to suck as much youthful energy out of her as I could while she was here. :)

Picture of the Day:

My cousin and his trusty dog, Sally.


  1. I love how you describe these sessions... it relaxes me to read about the experience through you. I believe in the experiences and sensations you describe. I have always believed about being able to transfer energy and have focused on "giving love" though my energy in the past... I've gotten away from that in the last few years so I appreciate the reminder. You're certainly getting me interested in trying Reiki...

  2. It sounds amazing. It also sounds like something I need to maybe look into. Of course I don't know how to go about finding someone to help as opposed to someone who is fake?

  3. I *really* need to be brave enough to post about my sessions with my energy healer friend. Your post reminds me so much of my session - and after experiencing it myself, I completely and 100% believe the truth behind what's she's telling you.

    I'm so glad you found her.

  4. I'm happy you had another great session with her. I think each session will be different but what you need in that moment. There are so many good things that you talked about here. sounds like you had a good day.
    Love you

  5. I'm going to PM you on this one- something that I've been thinking and your Reiki lady said to you. See email.
    I like your picture. I think you should try it in black and white- it looks like one of those pictures of something that should be "captured in time" in black and white.

  6. I always enjoy hearing about your day and seeing your photo. Sounds like you had a really great session. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It does sound like a good day -- and she's definitely right that you should let your creative side expressive itself. I really like all of your photos. I'm no expert on this, but you do seem to have an eye for catching an emotion with photography. Keep shooting and please keep sharing them!

  8. I love this woman. Her message to you rings so very true to me. And I am so happy that you were receptive to hear it. I believe that as living souls, we do and did have a choice to come and experience life in the physical realm. And the only thing that has ever made sense to me in situations of loss such as that sometimes a soul chooses a certain path in order to help another soul.

    And Paige, I've mentioned before...your photographs have moved me. You have a gift. It is so touching to know that your sweet angel is moving and inspiring you in a direction toward love and beauty.

    It doesn't suprise me in the least that Grayson is sending you messages through each picture you are inspired capture. The word inspire itself means "in spirit."

    Thank you for sharing them with us!

  9. Doesn't sound batty at all... she sounds amazing and your photos are very special - you certainly have a talent. Hope you keep having such great sessions xoxo

  10. I just realized I misspelled your son's name! I want apologize, so sorry. Ugh...

    I also wanted share another link with you that your post reminded me of. Another mother, another loss, another message of hope from unlikely and unbelievable places:

  11. Your Reiki sessions sound amazing & so healing. I don't think it sounds batty at all.

  12. Wow, that's so awesome! I'm so excited for you that you've been doing this energy work. It's amazing to read about the experience. How nice to spend time in the company of an intuitive person with healing energy.

    I think it's good too that there have been some people willing to share their experience with/opinion of Dr. H. Overall it seems like he's a good doc and that he provided you and Greyson with the best care he could. But if you see fit, it's your prerogative to consider changing practices (without having to provide any details or defend your decision). Thinking of you and hoping you have a good day with your students!

  13. I got choked up reading all this Paige. I'm so glad you're finding ways to take care of yourself.

    This energy worker might seem a bit batty, but I think the universe is so much more infinitely complicated than we can ever know - and above all us, my principle is: if it works, I don't care what it is. If Reiki and this woman are working for you, then great! Don't worry what anyone else thinks... let the skeptic rest.

    I know you've been on the outs with G-d, but I just can't help but see Him working in your life right now. I think about you a lot, Paige - you're an awesome woman. Thanks so much for posting this today - it gave me faith and gratitude I wasn't expecting.

  14. I am so happen you have an open mind to Reiki lady- she is doing so much good for your soul, dont worry abotu what others think, just know that the experience is working for YOU!

    How very sweet that Greyson is a part of your photography...maybe he is showing you the world through a childs eyes...and it's not such a bad place, although it feels like it at times. I think he is teaching you to love again, to immerse yourself in something very healing.

    I am really enjoying your photography Paige, what a talent you have....each picture is amazing!