Sunday, July 18, 2010

California Here I Come

Zoe is home! This morning she was waiting to be let in. She came in, at a big breakfast and then slipped out again! I guess she's become a little adventurer, only stopping in at home for provisions.

I'm leaving this afternoon for a big reading conference in California. There are 7 of us going from school. I'm excited to see that part of the country and to learn a lot and spend some fun time with my co-workers.

I'm nervous for the flight there though. Flying isn't too pleasant for me as a very large person. I flew last summer and had no troubles but this time I'm flying on an airline that is known for asking fat customers on the spot to buy another seat. I don't want to be humiliated in front of my co-workers. I'm also worried about traveling with injectable medication. I know people travel with this stuff all the time but I keep envisioning some big search scene or that I'll have to explain in front of my co-workers what it's for.

Be back Wednesday!


  1. So glad Zoe made it home. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Yay for Zoe coming home!

    Enjoy your trip. I would check your flight online and see if the plane is full. If not. move to a seat where there is no-one seated next to you. Then you should avoid all of those possible awkward situations. If you cant do this online, ask when you check in.

    I lived in CA for 8 years and love it there. Hope you get to play a bit, although a business trip.

  3. Keep your injectables in a baggie by themselves, and put them out with your other quart sized liquid baggie. Chances are they won't even be noticed - oh, take the box they came in with the rx on if it, you still have it. They're so used to diabetics traveling, that it shouldn't be an issue at all! Have a safe trip, and I hope a comfortable one, too.

    And I'm SO glad that Zoe made it home!

  4. Glad Zoe's back!
    Have a great trip! (hope there won't be any embarrassing moments)

  5. Yay Zoe!
    Enjoy your trip, Paige. California is beautiful and bonus-you're going to a reading conference. Can't wait to hear how it goes.
    ps: you've been working out so much, I'm sure there won't even be a hint of an embarrassing moment.

  6. I really hope your traveling went smoothly! where in cali are you? have a great time!

  7. Awesome!
    Have fun. I'm praying it goes (went?) smoothly for you on all ends. Enjoy CA. I've been to San Diego but I'm itching to visit a few other parts.

  8. Glad Zoe made it home! Have a great trip...hope it goes smoothly.

  9. Ok so I'm reading backwards and I'll have to go read about Zoe. Glad she's home though.
    Where in California??
    Hope the flight goes ok. I've had those same worries and others whenever I've flown and yes it sucks but I've never been asked to buy another seat. I do just ask right off for the seat belt extender as soon as I get on. I hope your trip goes well.