Sunday, July 18, 2010

California Trip, Day 1

When I met up with my coworkers at the airport, Melissa S. told us that the principal and the reading coach would not be going and that she, Melissa, had the district credit card for meals and incidentals. These two would have been the "parents" on the trip. She also said that when she talked to the principal she told us all to have a good time, spend some time on the beach and try to learn a little. We all reacted a bit like little kids being told they have free reign to do what they want. I started looking even more forward to what was ahead.

The flight out there was pretty tight. I was extremely uncomfortable and had to ask for a seat belt extender. Luckily, I was able to sit next to a grandmotherly type who was very kind about it. I actually had bruises on my hips from the arm rests. Also, because of how we loaded I sat by myself so didn't have to ask for the extender in front of my friends.

As I sat there on the plane with my eyes closed, I could hear two of my coworkers, Ramonda and Amanda, in the seats in front of me. They were so relaxed, laughing and talking. And not the stressed out laughter of..."oh my report cards, assessments and records are due tomorrow but I haven't started on them yet..hehehe." but relaxed natural laughter.

After checking into the hotel, we just walked around the convention area and scoped things out. Our hotel, was within walking distance of DISNEYLAND! We didn't know prices or if we'd be able to spend anytime there though. We ended up eating at a Cheesecake Factory. I was kind of disappointed because we have those at home but it was late and everything else had a long wait. The food and the company was good. And there was cheesecake! Which I ended up eating for breakfast. What's vacation without a little cheesecake in the morning?


  1. Sorry for your poor hips! I hate that, but all you can do is carry on. Hope the rest of the trip was fabulous - and so exciting to be right next to Disneyland, one of my BFFs works there and always wants us to come down but we haven't made it so far...

  2. "What's vacation without a little cheesecake in the morning?" I love it!!!

  3. You're right vacation is the perfect time to eat some dessert for breakfast--do it all the time when we go to Disney World ;)
    (And so sorry I got sooooo behind on my blog reading, but I will be catching up on you today :) )