Thursday, July 8, 2010

Attack Of The Crayons

Well, I turned the corner at Target and there they were. I nearly had an anxiety attack on the spot. School supplies. I've barely had one week off! Can't I get a break? I was not prepared for a sneak attack of waxy smelling crayons, crisp new notebooks and the cutest Scooby Doo lunch box in the shape of the Mystery Machine. I didn't buy anything, though. I'm really not ready to face a new year. Especially teaching a grade I'm not excited about.

My friend L from work had a little get together for lunch at 54th Street Grill for her birthday. Nice for everyone to get together during summer break.

L just found out she'll be teaching first grade next year. She's been teaching kindergarten for 10 years and loves it. She's not excited either. Personally, I think she's a little burned out in kindergarten but doesn't want to admit it. Guess we'll be in the bitter boat together next year. Where's a shot of "make the best of it"? Hit me! With a double!

Speaking of shots....I began injectables today. Ho hum. A non-event that I almost didn't mention. I'm a little closer.


  1. That could give you an anxiety attack. Of course being a teacher for a bunch of little kids alone would give me anxiety attacks. Sick people? I'm good. More than 2 or 3 kids? Scary.
    Good luck with the injectibles and the upcoming cycle.

  2. YAY FOR SHOTS! Right?!

    I know that it reminds you of back to school but I think school supplies shopping was one of my favortite events ever!

  3. Chasing you everywhere..

    And yay for starting injects today! Good luck.