Saturday, July 3, 2010

TTD while TTC

I'm making a list in hopes of motivating myself to stay busy and keeping myself accountable. It is so easy for me to fall into the habit of just laying around watching TV or reading all day. Part of the reason I got so fat.

  • enter CPUs in the board of ed website
  • clean up porch
  • paint and recover chair and stool
  • paint and hang picture ledge
  • frame pictures
  • wash windows
  • organize pantry
  • organize and clean basement
  • clean out little dresser in bedroom
  • sweep and clean garage
  • wipe cabinets and deep scrub kitchen
  • paint hallway
  • figure out how to get music from ipod to new 'puter
  • sell old books and CDs on Amazon
  • dispose of old computer and set up "new" desk area

Wow, I realize this list looks like I live in a pig sty. Oh well, I am pretty messy and things pile up during the school year, time to shovel out and get "in the corners" clean.

I would also like to take my special girls someplace each week.

  • Zoo
  • Butterfly House
  • Kramer's Marionettes
  • Magic House
  • Splash City
  • Drive In Movies

I have a goal of exercising at least 5 days a week. Bike ride or walk or water aerobics. I would really like to lose at least 10 more pounds before my embryo transfer in one month.

One month from today I will be turning 39. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I'd still be childless at 39. Even when I started TTC over 2 years ago, I never thought I would be arriving at this birthday without my child in my arms. Please, please, please let me receive the greatest gift of my life in one month. Please.


  1. I really hope you get your gift, Paige...I celebrate my 39th on the same day you do - how about that?

    That's one ambitious list - I admire your drive! Nothing like writing it down, too, for all of us to see so we can hold you to it! ;-)

    Looks like a fun to-do list for the girls, too!


  2. I love lists!! Oh, the awesome feeling to be able to cross something off--love it! (and I'm so jealous you have drive in theaters...very cool.)

    Sounds like you are in a good place, Paige. Focused on being in the best place you can be, so your little one can be in the best place, too.

    Happy 4th!

  3. Your list looks good...that's how I keep myself motivated too. For some reason, if I write it down on a list I feel obligated to get it done.

    Don't forget to reward yourself too for all the things you cross off the list!

  4. All of these 3rd birthdays! I'm the 3rd too, but in December. When I turn 40. Oof. I had exactly the same feeling, that there was just no way I'd hit 39 without a child. But here I am.

    My 30s have been pretty tough. Actually, 34-38 were really really hard years. This past month (39.5) has been filled with lots of good news for me personally, for the first time in quite a while. Hopefully that will stay for a while longer.

    And hopefully it's a sign that all of us 3rd birthdays will have wonderful 39th years. Be positive! I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you that you get exactly what you want for your birthday!

  5. Your list is inspiring. I admit to living in less than sterile conditions too...but I'm not so worried about that. I can always say I'm helping the kids build strong immune systems.
    I hope your birthday brings you everything you want and so deserve!

  6. Sounds like you're keeping busy. Makes me feel like I should get busy. Hope you have some fun too.

  7. I love a good list too, and need to get on one for me. Having my parents move in with me has my upstairs and downstairs in a disarray--ugh, I don't like it, but one day. . .
    Love how you have things to do with the girls. I hope they enjoy their auntie time. One of our aunts (my favorite, shhhh...don't tell the other 6!) would always spend time with us and we loved spending the night at her apartment. Got to say we did not like our uncle for awhile after they got married (cause he took her away from us) and then she had four kids and I only really see her on the holidays now. But oh those memories the girls (and you) will have to look back on. I'm going with sis and nieces tomorrow to the duck pond and then a park. I look forward to our weekly outings as I'm sure you do with your girlies!
    Have fun crossing off that to do list you got there ;)