Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Misc.

DollFace was riding the tractor with her Daddy in the field next to my house and decided she wanted to walk over to see me. She was crying because she saw her sister ride the 4-wheeler to a neighbor's to swim but we soon got involved in practicing writing and playing in the basement while I attempted to continue organizing and cleaning. C came to pick her up. Neither of us said much about the cupcake incident but C did say something to the effect that I had to understand her position. Whatever! is what I thought. What I said was that we should just put it behind us. I was also able to talk to Stretch and I think I convinced her to stay with me at least part of the time her parents are out of town. Feels like we've moved past it. Whew. When they're staying with me the menu will be: All Cupcakes, All The Time! LOL

My sweet kitty, Zoe, is missing. She slips outside many evenings but usually is ready to come back inside by bedtime. Two nights ago she slipped out and hasn't come back. They have been working in the fields around my house mowing, raking and baling hay. I'm worried she got run over by some of the big equipment. Or she ran away. My poor Zoe.

Update on my list of To Dos for this summer:

  • enter CPUs in the board of ed website
  • clean up porch
  • paint and recover chair and stool
  • paint and hang picture ledge
  • frame pictures
  • wash windows
  • organize pantry
  • organize and clean basement (begun)
  • clean out little dresser in bedroom
  • sweep and clean garage
  • wipe cabinets and deep scrub kitchen
  • paint hallway
  • figure out how to get music from ipod to new 'puter
  • sell old books and CDs on Amazon (I've sold one!)
  • dispose of old computer and set up "new" desk area

16 or so days until possible embryo transfer. The summer is somehow passing. I must say I'm enjoying the leisurely pace of the days. Nice slow start to the days. No schedule to keep, doing what I want to do.


  1. I'm so glad that The Cupcake Incident seems to have blown over. I hope little Zoe comes home soon!

    And, oh wow, 16 days? I hope the days continue to leisurely pass by so you're nice and relaxed when the embryo transfer finally arrives!

  2. I hope Zoe is just enjoying the weather and comes back soon.

    HOLY COW- 16 DAYS?!?!?! That is REALLY soon and I couldn't be more ready for you!!!

  3. You are really knocking things off your list, Paige! This is awesome. You are clearly getting your home and body ready for the big event in 2 weeks. Such a peaceful, calm environment every little embryo would want to call home!

    So sad for you about Zoe. I'm hoping she just found a new boy cat to hang out with and will be home soon.

  4. My sister has raised two great kids (13 and 12 years old now). When they were toddlers I didn't really agree with their 'method' but I did abide by their method when I was with the kids, because it's their choice of how they raise their kids. When I have my child I will ask that they respect my 'method' even if they don't agree with it. -just another way to consider the cupcake incident...

    Hope kitty Zoe is safe and makes her way home very soon so you don't need to worry. You have some exciting times coming soon!

  5. Aw I hope your kitty comes back soon!! :(

  6. 16 days! What seems so far away now seems so close! Glad things are worked out with Stretch!

  7. Wow. 16 days is so close!!
    So glad Zoe came home. See now I know what you're talking about. I need to keep up better I think.