Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Busted Butt, Busted Tire

S is one week out of surgery and doing well. Sh, R and I were able to visit her today at her parent's house where she's been staying. She had to go back to the hospital Monday for low potassium and hemoglobin but other than those mild complications, she's doing well. She's in good spirits and seems really happy. Excited about the future.

And I'm glad to say I'm happy for her. I think I've moved through my negative emotions for the most part and realized...yes, she'll be skinny and able to wear cute clothes and I'll probably be a little jealous of that. Most importantly her health will improve. She's already halved her blood sugar levels and hopes to be off insulin soon. That is what is most important here.

She's already lost 40 pounds including the pre-surgery protein shake diet weight loss. It took me most of last year to lose that much. But I'm happy for her....really!

I've been busting my butt for the last week and only lost 1.8 pounds. Literally busting my butt on that bike seat! It's a loss and that's great but I have been working really hard both on exercise and nutrition. I expected a bigger loss.

I've been busting my butt and tonight my butt busted my bike tire. My first flat as an adult. Thankfully only 3 miles out and I was able to walk it home. Pushing a bike is good exercise too! My dad dug right into fixing it. It was so pleasant to be there outside the warehouse chatting while he tried to fix the tire. Beautiful cool breeze, nice break in the humid weather. But the tire had given it's all. Dad took me right into town to get a new one and treated me to supper at the Bread Company. For some reason, I feel like I should treasure the memory of this night.


  1. Paige -
    Just know that when I was in my "down and out" phase of this whole thing you were one person I thought of a lot. I though that I could reach out to you and you would be there.
    There aren't many people I feel that way about. You are amazing.
    So I think the biking thing is GREAT! Keep it up! I think every move you make that makes YOU happy is awesome, keep it up!
    You are a great gal Paige.

    Never forget that.

    Meg (my real name!)

  2. I'm glad to hear you're in a better place about your friend's surgery. Don't sell your self short about "only" losing 1.8've put in a lot of hard work & every loss is a victory! I admire you for sticking to it! I never seem to go more than 3-4 days of excising before have some excuse for not continuing!

  3. Glad you're doing well and doing better with the idea of your friends surgery. Good job on the loss. That's great. As far as the bike tire goes, you got some exercise walking it home too. Hope it's fixed quickly.
    Hope your friend is healing well still too.

  4. E busted his bike tire a few weeks ago and doesn't want to ride my purple bike.

    I am proud of you for the loss. That's almost two pounds and that's really great. Don't get down on yourself!

  5. Weight loss is still weight loss. Proud of you for that! Keep it up cause it will all add up nicely.

    That night sounds like it was beautiful. Definitely wouldn't have happened without that busted tire. At least when it went, it left you with some good memories.

  6. Daddies can be so wonderful. I'm so happy that you have such a good one! Nothing like being swooped up when you need it.

    You are doing great. Keep in mind that all of the exercise makes you healthier even if you aren't losing weight as quickly as you'd like. Don't let the scale be your only sign of improvement/success! Three miles is a LONG walk pushing a bike...

  7. 1.8 pounds is awesome! It may not seem like a lot, but think about how far you'll be with 4 weeks of 1.8 pounds lost each week - it does add up quickly!

    Sorry about the flat tire, but it does sound like last night ended up being one of those absolutely lovely nights.