Saturday, July 10, 2010

Update on TTD

Update on my list of To Dos for this summer:

  • enter CPUs in the board of ed website
  • clean up porch
  • paint and recover chair and stool
  • paint and hang picture ledge
  • frame pictures
  • wash windows (begun)
  • organize pantry
  • organize and clean basement
  • clean out little dresser in bedroom
  • sweep and clean garage
  • wipe cabinets and deep scrub kitchen
  • paint hallway
  • figure out how to get music from ipod to new 'puter
  • sell old books and CDs on Amazon
  • dispose of old computer and set up "new" desk area

Special places I wanted to take my special girls:(Might not be able to complete this one because of the Cupcake Incident)

  • Zoo
  • Butterfly House
  • Kramer's Marionettes
  • Magic House
  • Splash City
  • Drive In Movies
Before and after pics of my redone chair and stool:


  1. Wow, you've done a lot and the chair/stool look great! Sorry about the cupcake incident - I'm sooo with you on that. Unfortunately you have no power to do anything, Stretch will suffer in the end. I am so grateful my son is a great eater (mostly), but my nephews (on one side) are TERRIBLE!! My SIL brings special food for them everywhere. I hope somehow you can still work out some special time with the girls, you are a great aunt (and sure to be a great mom too!)

  2. Very nice job on the chair & stool! I love crossing things off a list, looks like you're making great progress.

  3. Look at you being all crafty and stuff!

  4. Love the repurposed chair!!!! You have skills madam!!!!! Nice work, very impressive. I'll be posting some of my repurposed projects soon. :)

  5. How awesome does that chair and stool look?!!! It always looks so easy when they do it on tv, but in real life, not so easy. So kudos to you!!! And for completing things on your TTD list!

  6. YAY for getting so much crossed off your list! Well done! And I am completely envious of your craftiness. The chair and ottoman came out so SO well!

  7. I like what you did to your chair and stool!
    And what a long list :-).

  8. What a great job you did on those chairs!

    Keep up the great work on your list too!