Friday, July 23, 2010

Splash Down

I took the girls to Raging Rivers which is a local water park. I got the tickets for free because they offer a reading incentive and I coordinated the program at my school this year. The full price would have been $17! This is a small water park and I really couldn't believe that price. Anyway, Stretch is her mother's daughter and immediately ran into a friend. She spent the day with mostly with him which was a mixed blessing. One one hand I know that she had way more fun with someone her own age but on the other they took off and I didn't see her for most of the day. This was an unfamiliar anxiety for me. The water park isn't that big but, sheesh, anything could happen.

Poor Dollface was left with me...her fat old aunt. We did have fun but Dollface is a 5 year old daredevil and wanted to try some water slides. Great, I did the first smallest one with her and screamed all the way down. I looked at the bigger ones and couldn't bring myself to go on them with her. Partially fear, partially self-conscious about my size. Stretch took her the first time and after that she went on them by herself. All by herself. She had a blast and as soon as she splashed down from one, was in line for another turn.

I sent a five year old child on biggish water slides by herself. I choked with guilt as I watched her go up the hill time and time again but just couldn't bring myself to actually go on the water slide.

Fear of motherhood inadequacies abounding. By the time my kid gets old enough to do this kind of stuff I'll probably be too fat and old to even think about putting on a bathing suit much less boogying on down a big slide. My poor kid...what else will they miss out on because I chose to become their mother?

We had fun and returned home tired, sunburned and happy. That is what counts....that really is what counts.


  1. Those things scare the crap out of me too. I loved them when I was younger but a bunch of years back I took my little sister to one and it was truly the most horrible thing I'd done in a long time. I actually walked away with bruises.

  2. You went to the water park - you took the girls and everyone had fun. That's all that matters, really. Dont be too hard on yourself Paige. Your a wonderful Auntie and will be an equally wonderful mom. We all have unique things to offer as aunts/parents/friends. Take advantage of your strenghts and don't focus so much on weaknesses, which are really just opportunties in disguise. xoxoxoxoxox

  3. I used to go on big waterslides all the time when I was little while my mom watched and I never thought anything of it. You're right about what really counts - everyone had a great time. Score one point for Auntie Paige!

  4. You were there. You had fun. They had fun. It's a heck of a lot more than a lot of kids get. They won't forget it! You are an awesome Aunt!

  5. Don't think such negative thoughts!!! Of course Dollface can and should go on those slides by herself. You got her started, and then she got to discover and practice her independence and bravery in a very controlled environment. I'd say you were being overprotective if you'd gone down every slide with her. You are a wonderful, wonderful aunt, and you are going to be an awesome mom! Size has got nothing to do with being a terrific parent, so stop beating yourself up over nothing.

    love you, inB

  6. Don't forget, your babies will have your nieces! And no matter what size you are, nobody wants to go down all the watersides all the time (you or the nieces). Your nieces will be great companions to your kids.

  7. Having a happy memorable day is what really counts & when your neices look back they remember that it was their awesome aunt that gave them those happy memories.


  8. There will always be things that I, you, the next dooe neighbour does or doesn't do with their kids. So you won't go down a scary slid with your kids, but I'm sure you will do many things with them that Dollface doesn't do with her mother.

  9. I was just thinking what dreams and false alarms said--that your child(ren) will have your nieces to take them down the water slides ;)
    I do have the same trepidations about water parks and my future kids. Like me not putting on a swim suit unless I look a LOT healthier. And I know I shouldn't care what others think b/c I deserve to go to the water park just as much as the next person, but I do care and can't bring myself to do it. So bravo to you for going with the girls and taking dollface down the first time!