Monday, July 5, 2010

Magic House

Lovely day with the girls at the Magic House. Stretch did say that her mother forced her to go, she didn't want to get up that early and her attitude did start out like this:

The Magic House is a children's museum. This section was devoted to the environment and they had a little mock re-sell-it shop so the children could learn about reuse. There was also a section with a real Smart car, a mock town with grocery store etc. There was a pond where the children could fish with magnetic fishing poles and then they could release the "fish" in a different pond and watch it swim in a creek that they could see under the floor through glass. Also, a construction section, bubbles, water. Very cool

Eventually Stretch warmed up and we all had a good time.
The three story slide and the electric ball are traditions at the Magic House

DollFace seemed to like the rougher areas like construction and climbing. Stretch liked the more creative areas like mask making and science experiments. I have to hand it to Stretch a little. This is really a place for younger kids and once she warmed up she showed DollFace things and helped me keep track of her.

At one point, I was in a play kitchen with DollFace making "soup". I looked away for a second and when I turned back she had the spoon right there by my mouth. When I opened my mouth to speak she shoved the spoon right in. Uhhhgggg!! I can't help but think about the thousands of children who have had that thing in their hands and mouths. Ugghhggg. I wouldn't be surprised if I came down with whopping cough, tuberculosis or the plague by next week. Mouth sanitizer? Thank goodness, I have the immunity of a school teacher.

DollFace surprised me by ordering a mint oreo shake at Steak n Shake and eating the whole thing. I wouldn't think mint would be something a little kid would like. Stretch surprised me by ordering a banana milkshake and then barely touching it. I ordered a patty melt and was horrified when I got home and looked up the calorie info: 1013.


  1. Just cause it was the last thing mentioned--I had a Peach Shake on our drive home from WDW last week and it was delicious, but I couldn't finish it. (And I HATE looking up the calorie count of something I like, but I try to do it after I eat it and then it usually does a good job of deterring me from eating it again!)
    Stretch and DollFace are adorable and pretty girls! And mmm yumm unvolunteeringly (or something like that)eating off of a community spoon ;) Sounds like it was fun though, glad it turned out great for all of you!

  2. I'm glad BOTH of the girls had a great time. It is such a blessing to them that you're in their life!

  3. The Magic House sounds like great fun!

    McDonalds was ruined for me once they started putting their calorie counts on their wrappers! I can't even think about going there anymore!

  4. Sounds like a really fun time :-)
    And what a great big sister strech is!