Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coming Home

I decided that I needed a plan for coming home on the plane. I didn't want to be so uncomfortable again. I decided to try to sit next to a child or at least someone who was very small and who looked nice. I ended up sitting with an amazing family. The brave, brave mother was traveling with her five children, their ages were seven years old to seven weeks old. The mother was sitting with the four year old, the two year old and the baby and the seven year old and 5 year old were in front of her. I was able to sit with two older children who were lovely and charming.

Benzi was the talkative five year old and told me all about how they were flying to Chicago to see their grandparents. He told me all about their family, school, baseball. Dina was quieter but I won her over by teaching her a few songs and word games. They were so sweet and extremely well-behaved. At one point, they started tickling each other and the mother said there would be no tickling on the plane and they immediately stopped. There was no whining or temper or boredom. Never did the mother have to be stern or bribe or even correct them. At one point, behind me I heard the mother explaining to the four year old the difference between a layover and a delay. They were Jewish and explained why they couldn't eat certain snacks from the stewardess. They tried to teach me a few Hebrew words but I'm sure they thought I was a little slow on the uptake. I was very taken with this family and could have stuck one or two of the children in my carry on.

After a layover in Denver and an airport supper of ice cream, I finally got home at 2am. So good to sleep in my own bed! I love vacation but one of the best parts is coming home.


  1. Welcome home! Glad your flight home was so enjoyable!

  2. Glad the flight home was more enjoyable than the trip there.
    See I have faith that it's possible to have children that aren't monsters.

  3. Welcome home! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I hope the next five days with the girls are just as fun.

  4. So glad your flight back was fun and educational ;)