Thursday, February 11, 2010

Real Pics...Yay Me!

My first post with pics from my real life. I must be coming along as a blogger! Yay, me!

Stretch showing off her new braces. She chose black and blue because they are her school colors. The ironic thing was that when she went back to school after getting them her class was learning to eat with chopsticks. There were using marshmallows and caramel corn to practice with. Two items she's been told to avoid.

Of course DollFace wanted her picture taken too. Here she is pretending to be a dog. She's really into this right now and will even "fetch" and do tricks for us. It is adorable for about 10 minutes until she refuses to do something a dog wouldn't do or speak other than to bark.

Two of my reading groups were amazing today. My first grade group is usually a little "spirited" and I have to work to engage them but today they all participated and worked hard without any prompting at all. My HOPE is that they are learning so the work is not quite as hard for them and therefore less frustrating but the probability is that they wanted to show off for the grad student I had observing me. My second grade group is usually at the end of the day and a little antsy but today they were calm and intent on learning. These are the lowest of the low academically speaking in a district that is very low socioeconomically speaking but I love working with these children. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing these children respond to my instruction in concert with their classroom teacher's hard work.

The adults on the other hand.... I wish all gossip would be banned. Life would be so peaceful at school. Not that I'm innocent at all. People get so worked up and it's all over such trivial stuff.

Follow up phone conference with Dr. AA. tomorrow. Did you think I forgot about Infertility? Oh no, I didn't. I've been counting down to this one for what seems like a long time. Can't wait to see if moving forward with a donor egg or donor embryo is an option. I am hoping and praying he has good things to say.

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  1. Nice to meet you :-)
    And hope tomorrow you'll hear good news!