Monday, February 22, 2010

Misc. Monday

MONDAY! Ughhh. An exhausting day at school. I didn't sleep well. I kept dreaming that I was a white haired old lady in a wheel chair and I was seeing a new fertility doctor who looked like Bob Costas. Don't need Freud to analyze that one.

I'm trying to recover from the weekend binge. I try so hard to deter the feeling of binging before it happens but it seems that after I've been fighting it and fighting it, I cross the point of no return and NOTHING can stop me. I have a thousand thoughts of stopping during the process of buying and taking the food home but I don't stop. I need to learn how to translate these thoughts into action or lack thereof.

Going to work helps. I ate well today and exercised. I know exercise is the only thing that will pull me out of this winter slump and maybe I'll sleep better tonight. Stay away Dr. Bob Costas!!
Friday is our Black History Program at school. They are doing a tribute to Micheal Jackson. At first I cringed because although as a child of the 80's I'm very much a fan of the music, I wasn't sure it was the best choice. I mean, is he really the best role model for children? My office is next to the music room and I've been able to hear them practicing for months now. Unfortunately the music teacher, who is a friend of mine, broke her ankle. It was a very serious break and she won't be able to finish preparing the children for the program. I'm very proud of the way our staff has pulled together to help. The song choices are really very touching and the music teacher has taught some of the classes to sing in two or three part harmony. We are all going to wear black and white. I am looking forward to seeing each class bring to fruition all their hard work.

In Olympic news:

I believe this is the face of courage:

Lindsey Vonn: Skied to a gold metal on an injured shin

and this is the face of innovation:

Shaun White: Double Cork....need I say more?

Here is the face of determination:

Apolo Ohno: 7 Olympic metals, in the running for two more.

And let's face it, this face is just plain adorable:

Bode Miller

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