Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day

Yup, 4 inches of snow and school is called off. I personally think we could have attended but it was rather cold and windy for the little ones to be out. I do not look forward to making this one up in May.

I did keep rather busy today with "breaks" for some good old junk TV watching. What is a snow day without a little Judge Judy? I exercised and made marinara sauce and meatballs, cleaned the kitchen, shoveled the walk, paid bills.

I keep envisioning beautiful triplet boy babies that are mine. C. suggested that she was putting in her "order" for boy triplets and we joked about who was going to hire the nanny. Now I can't get this fantasy out of my head. They have reddish hair and sweet round faces and are sitting up for a portrait together. Don't get me wrong I know this would be a huge challenge for me and maybe too much but wouldn't it be awesome. It's nice to dream about. I can't wait for my real baby to find me.

I'm really jonesing for something sweet. Don't worry, there's really nothing in the house. Maybe a little granola. And Biggest Loser....pass the tissues.

Thank you to those of you in blogville who are reaching out to me. I feel a little less alone everytime I hear from one of you.

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