Saturday, February 6, 2010

Peel and Roller Derby

Great Saturday! I went to P.eel Pizza with Mom, C and the girls. I'd never been there before. The pizza was freaking amazing! Maybe the best I've ever had. We had three kinds. Mushroom with garlic cream sauce, smoked turkey and tomato and prosciutto and onion. The crust is light and crispy and slightly smoky from the wood oven. I think I ate about 7 pieces but they were really small. I love that this is a new business opened by local folks. I plan to be a regular customer. C. suggested that we do this once a month and I'm totally up for it. I love trying new places and it would be good for the women in the family to have face time regularly.

Then, this evening I had my first experience with ROLLER DERBY! Yes, that sport from the 70's where satin shorted hotties roll around the rink and hip check each other. I have always wanted to go to a game. M. from work got into it because her boyfriend is a referee. We've been looking forward to going with a group from school for a while. We've all had fun making up Roller Derby names for eachother. There's LegBreaker, Malicious, Jesskillya, Machine Gun and I'm Paige O'Pain. Not as relevant if you don't know the peoples' real names but you get the point.

Before the "bout" started (catch me, usin' the lingo) it was fascinating to check out the crowd. Kind of alternative, artsy people with a touch of rockabilly and pin up mixed in. I'm telling you some of these people must have had self-esteem out the wazoo to present themselves as they did. They looked great but would get some stares if they were say, at the mall.

Then the bout started. Let me tell you these women are strong, sassy, and fabulous. First of all, they were cruising around the rink constantly for about an hour before the bout started. You have to admire that kind of stamina! I went with a class on a field trip to a skating rink a few years ago and rolled exactly one time around the rink. That's right, ONE and then, because my legs were wobbling and I was afraid I'd fall, I called it quits.

These women had NO fear! They were hip checking and blocking all over the place. AND falling! I was impressed they were able to pop up and get back to skating up so quickly. We were able to sit on the floor right on the edge of the rink, the action was literally a few feet from us. A few times I thought one of the skaters would crash into us! It was all very fast paced and exciting. Easy to get sucked in. I'm hoping to go again.

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