Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blue Screen of Death

I was so happy to be able to meet with my kids today. It seems like it's the first day in a long time that we've had our regular schedule..... but then....

I was pulled out two different times for RTI meetings. This is a committee that tries to meet the needs of students who are especially at risk and have shown through behavior, academics, health issues or truancy that they are in need of extra support. One meeting was very awkward because the parent was very accusatory toward the child's teacher and wanted to argue with everything that was said.

The other meeting angered me because the child's mother (who was not at the meeting) doesn't seem to want anything to do with him while she has two daughters who are living with her and her boyfriend's children visit often as well. She also will not sign off on the child getting counseling. The father is in prison and will be for a long time. Thank God, this child has very caring grandparents but he's dealing with severe depression issues that NO second grader should have to deal with. He is a delightful, smart and funny kid. I swear I could beat this woman for treating her precious child this way.

There has been more than the usual drama filled gossip going around. Our administrators have taken a pay freeze for next year and the word is that they will be asking us to do the same. Every evening another area school district is on the news talking about cutting teaching positions.

And when I got home and turned on my computer I was greeted with the Blue Screen of Death. My heart sank right into my stomach and I must have gasped because DollFace was extremely concerned and comforting. E. was able to save my pictures and my baby making files, but I'm not sure I'll be able to save my music. I was able to get the old girl up and running to track my food and blog but it seems very glitchy and tenuous. I will try to keep up with ICLW but hope everyone understands if I'm not able to. I knew I was living on borrowed time and I had planned to use my tax return this year to buy a new computer but decided to put it toward the upcoming medical bills and just limp along with the old computer which had been functioning fine. Now, I have no choice but to replace it. And soon.

One bright spot...Connie from my clinic called me. Yes, SHE called ME to set up an appointment to review my IVF calendar, medication and injections. I was surprised and pleased, considering the communication problems I've had in the past with this clinic. I was ready to make the call myself to ask about the calendar and I'm glad I didn't have to

Another little step closer:

Yesterday's beautiful spring day has become today's wind, rain and cold. I wish I was on this beach!


  1. Oh no!!! The dreadful Blue Screen of Death!!! I manage desktop support techs and I know that the blue screen of death and aunt flow are two very unwelcomed guests!!! Glad you were able to save some pics and files. Usually that indicates a hardware issue, so just tread lightly until you can get it fixed.

  2. Hahaha, I know it's not funny but that's what the IT guys at work always call it! Made me giggle.

    I am SO glad that the clinic called you! Have you decided how many you're going to have transferred?

  3. oh no! sorry bout the blue screen! good luck on getting the ball rolling for IVF!

  4. Yay for Connie calling YOU! That is an excellent sign. Do share all the details!

    Hope your computer hangs in there a bit longer - such a pain when they freak out.

  5. Computers hey! I always feel they can frustrate more than they help, but then I probably couldn't live without mine. Good luck for your upcoming cycle.

  6. Computer going sucks! Good that you managed to save pics and baby making files, too bad about the music.
    Sad to read about that little boy.

    But yay for Connie calling you!!

  7. Ugg on the computer dying. That sucks. I'm glad you were able to save the pictures.