Friday, March 19, 2010

First Grade?

In the 3 years that I have known her, my principal has repeatedly said that in an elementary school, very strong teachers must be placed in the first grade. It is the year in which the foundation for their reading skills is laid and the year that sets the stage for the rest of their academic career. She has gone so far as to say to me and J. privately that she wants to put the strongest teachers in the building at first grade.

Today, she asked me if I would like to be a first grade teacher next year. It made me feel so proud and pleased that she would think well enough of my skill, talent and experience to ask me to take a position she thinks is so important.

And, I'm actually thinking about taking her up on it. My first and foremost wish is to remain in the position of reading interventionist. I've been very happy and fulfilled in this position the past two years and definitely don't want to change. Due to budget and grant cuts, I might have to.

I've always thought I wanted to be the kind of teacher who did not stay in the same grade for her whole career but who switched things up and could look back on wide and varied experiences. Maybe first grade would be a great challenge to conquer.

In fertility news, the money lady at my clinic called me to tell me that one person at my insurance company told them my donor WAS covered, but another person told them she was NOT covered. They were going to send the insurance company more information and try to hammer it out. All I could do was laugh and tell her to believe the one who told her my lovely donor WAS covered.


  1. What an honour!
    Sounds good to change from time to time so as not to burn out.

  2. Congratulations!!! You should be very proud, this is a true honor!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

    LOL about the fertility coverage, I'm with you, go with the one who says it's cover! Ba-der - no brainer! ;)

  3. Wow, I really hope you are able to stay in your current position, but if not it sounds like your principal thinks you are fabulous! I'm sure you'll do well either way, but if this cycle works it would be nice to not have a new position to learn. Oh well, you do what must be done!

    I hate insurance. They have been nothing but horrible in my experience and we have had to pay for almost everything out of pocket. Even though it is supposedly covered! Mine did not cover the donor AT ALL, even though we specifically asked about it, but we were able to sneak the drugs by them. I feel completely justified doing this, as the drugs are for ME even though the donor is taking them. And they are SPENDY! So here's what I did:

    I had the nurse order ALL the drugs for my cycle (mine and the donors) to be sent to the clinic. The NC divides them up and then the clinic can put any that need to be refrigerated back, and the donor picks up hers and I pick up mine, the insurance is billed for all MY drugs and it worked great for 3 cycles. Of course they were always confused about sending them to the clinic, but honestly - I don't know why EVERYONE doesn't do it that way. I am never home when the delivery comes, or else you have to wait around all day waiting for them. At the clinic they have someone there all day, and at least my NC was happy to take care of this for me (which IMHO they are being handsomely paid for!)

    Good luck hon, hope your insurance is WAY better than mine!