Monday, March 8, 2010


CD 1

5 days early

Shazaam! Everything seems closer now

And to be taking these

The ultimate irony AND a blast from the past. The last time I was on birth control it was the monthly shot. I bet I haven't swallowed a birth control pill for 15 years.

The clinic is driving me a little nuts. I was told to contact Mary when I got my period. Mary handed me off to Sharon. I get an email from Sharon telling me she wasn't sure from the doctor's last notes, was I interested in IUI, with injectables? UMMMM...IS THAT AN OPTION? Have I had a broken heart all these weeks over some sort of miscommunication or misunderstanding?

I wrote her back explaining exactly what my understanding of the diagnosis was and what I thought I was heading toward. She responded that I was exactly right, she just didn't know that I'd made a deposit on a May cycle. Then she called in the birth control prescription and handed me off to yet a third person who will be my coordinator. Sheesh!

I'm so glad to be DOING something.


  1. yay for a new cycle and one step closer to the big day- boo for silly office staff! You'd think they know how important and serious this stuff is for us!!!

  2. Glad things are a movin along but all the bouncing around would give me a headache.

  3. wow yay thigns are starting up :) before you know it, it will be May.

  4. It does feel better to be doing something :-).