Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Surgery for S

S has decided to have gastric bypass. She only weighs a little more than me but she has a myriad of health problems and takes eight medications. She is in pain everyday. She’s been thinking about this surgery for over a year and a half. I’ve known S since we were in first grade. We’ve been fat together for over 30 years. So many memories, from slumber parties and proms to grown up relationship dilemma. We've always been there for each other, literally through thick and thin. S is a beautiful person, inside and out. I'm hoping and praying this surgery will be the answer to all her health problems.
I have considered this surgery many times myself and there is a tiny, horrible piece of me that is jealous of S. I don't want to be left alone here in Fattyworld. I want to lose a ton of weight, physically feel fantastic, have great self-esteem and get to wear cute clothes too! For now, I'll have to stick to the old-fashioned way, tracking food and feeling awful about myself when I'm not able to control my food.


  1. I have contemplated lapband a LOT lately BUT I've read that you really need to wait 18 months before getting pregnant... Dr P has had patients get pregnant as soon as 3 months after having it and they do fine but I get so nervous. I figure I'm going to try this clomid route and IUI if we have to go that far and if it still isn't working then I may have the surgery.

  2. Hey, surgery is a big deal, and if there is any way to NOT have it that would be good. But sending good thoughts for your friend, who will have to follow a strict diet afterward anyway - maybe by being the supportive friend you will lose weight without the surgery!

    I am sorry about all your troubles with the clinic - hopefully this new coordinator is fabulous. I have found (painfully) that having a good NC is really important, if only for your sanity! Be the big pain patient if you need to, because you are paying BIG BUCKS and you need them to do it right the FIRST TIME. Don't be all nice and understanding like I was. FOUR cycles ago. *sigh*

    But it sounds like your body is ready to go! Glad things are getting kicked off soon than you thought - hope it's all easier from here out!

  3. It's a big decision. I've been going back and forth about it for like 6 years. Some of the appointments lately have been a bit scary but still exciting. I bet your friend is very thankful you're there supporting her. I hope it helps tremendously with the health issues.