Friday, March 5, 2010

No News Just Life

In school news, our principal gathered us for one of her famous 5 minute meetings which usually last an average of 40. Apparently there have been several incidents of stealing going on the past few weeks. Part of the money the children had brought in to donate to the Red Cross for Haiti was stolen. I am incredibly saddened by this. I work in an area of poverty. This means that someone took money that poor children had donated to other poor children who were in desperate need. Sometimes, working in the ghetto sucks.

In weight loss news, I got on the scale this morning...glaghhhhhh! It was my first day back to tracking my nutritional intake. I ate too much junk but kept track of the portions instead of throwing crap down the gullet without even thinking. I've set a goal of losing 20 pounds by the date of the transfer. I'm estimating about 10 weeks (CANNOT believe I have to wait so long, it seems SO far away) so it's a realistic goal. I'm planning on going shopping and cooking this weekend so I'll have no excuse. It feels good to be trying again.

In donor news, well there is none except that I keep thinking of my "tenacious" young lady out there somewhere....growing my eggs for me. I keep sending her subliminal messages from carefully and scrape those windows, please stay hydrated, please be responsible with the medication, hope you take vitamins and on and on. I wonder if she ever thinks about me? She's my hero, doing for me what I could not do for myself.

Lately DollFace has been fascinated with looking up animals on youtube. We'll be playing our animal guessing game in the car and when we get home she'll ask to see that animal "on the movies". We were looking up baby rabbits when we stumbled upon this cute one about a rabbit being taken care of by a mother cat. I guess sometimes even Mother Nature doesn't care about DNA.

And for some reason the ever present thought is very strong tonight:

What if it never happens for me?


  1. that was the sweetest video! And don't say that!!! It IS going to happen for you!!!

  2. Proud of you for keeping track! Good luck with your goal. Maybe it will also help keep you occupied so time will seem to pass much quicker :-).

    I'm sure donor girl is taking good care of herself so that to give you the best possible eggs and I'm sure it is going to happen to you!

    The steeling of the donations (and from poor kids), that's really sad.

    And the video - made me teary eyed!

  3. The screening for donors is quite rigid I believe, so I don't think you should worry too much about her flaking out. They monitor her with b/w so if there is any question of her taking the meds they know - but I bet she'll be great. I can't remember if this is her first time?

    You can make yourself crazy with all the statistics and what ifs, my advice is to go forward and know that you *can* survive whatever life throws at you. MOST people do get pg with DE, the first time. There is no reason to suspect you will not be one of those people! You are taking care of yourself, doing everything you can to make a healthy environment for the embies - and then you just have to not be in control. Good luck, hon. Thinking of you.

  4. I just happened upon your blog and wanted to say that I was an egg donor (before my own fertility struggles). I did think of the families I donated to throughout the process, and still do often. I'm sure she is thinking of you, and of doing everything in her power to help make this a success for you!

  5. I've seen several videos and pics of cases of various animals mothering other animals of different species. Heck I lived it. When I was a kid I had a chicken that you could put a rock in her nest and she'd try to hatch it and give her any type of baby bird and she'd mother it. She looked awful funny though being this itty bitty chicken squaking at bunch of half grown turkeys.