Monday, March 15, 2010


I'm really starting to wonder about this clinic. Last Monday I was handed off by Sharon and was told Connie would be in touch soon. After hearing nothing for almost a week, I emailed all three of the ladies I've been in contact with at the clinic just to remind them I was out there and with some questions. I got a response later in the day but clearly there was a breakdown in communication somewhere. Either Sharon didn't tell Connie about me or Connie forgot me. Connie's response told me all about my lovely donor but nothing about MY schedule or medication.

My lovely donor is on day 5 of her cycle and had blood work today. She will be having an antral follicle count ultrasound tomorrow. Oh yes, she will! I can't wait to hear the results. I couldn't be happy about my own results but I'm looking forward to rejoicing about hers (ours?). She's 24, already has a child and is healthy. She is going to have great results. I can FEEL it!

I feel such a strange but strong kinship to this young lady who I really know so little but so much about. I really want her to remain anonymous for now but I keep toying with the idea of writing her a letter and maybe sending her a gift. But what do I say to an amazing woman who is giving the most amazing gift I'll ever recieve? Not sure if things like that are even permitted by my agency. I definitely don't want to have too much contact as I'm sure I would become a nuisance to her, asking if she took her medication and ate her veggies. I would like to thank her somehow though.


  1. I hate stupid office communication! It'll work out though. I am so happy she's doing so well!!! I can't wait to hear the next good news!!! Have you decided if you're going to have one or two embies transferred?

  2. Hope you get the coordinator thing organized, what a pain! Remember you are paying for this service (grrr) so don't let them brush you off.

    At my clinic it is encouraged that you write a card or note and give a gift to the donor. I think it really depends where in the country you are - my donor only gets $4k which is much less than other parts of the world. The first donor I went crazy and spent hours on a perfect 2 page letter, and we got her a custom made necklace and a snuggly bathrobe. The second time I got a funky little engraved jewelry box and a freakishly similar note. By the third donor I just sent a card with some dining out gift cards, still heartfelt and with a nice note, but I just was felt like we'd done this so many times!

    The nurse will read your note, but I put general details about myself and dh, what we do and that there would be a brother - that we live on acreage and have dogs. The kind of things she put on her anonymous application (not health stuff, just interests).

    And while you should absolutely get on the NCs case about getting your schedule, don't freak out, SHE'S the one they need to dial in, you just have to be in a holding pattern, and they say they can build a lining in 7 days if they have to! My clinic never released info on how many follies or anything, but some clinics do - hope you get lots of info!

  3. I hate that communications break down thing. Drives me nuts. Hoping for great results on the antral follicle count.