Wednesday, March 17, 2010

15 and 4.9

My lovely donor has 15 follicles on her initial antral follicle count, yes, she does!

And an FSH of 4.9. That's right!

From what I understand these are good numbers and she should respond well to ovarian stimulation. Dr. AA has given her a medication protocol and Connie will be working on our calendar soon.

One little step closer.

Happy St. Pat's!!!


  1. haha my little security phrase was just "faulay" which sounds like follie/FOLLIcle!!! It's meant to be!

  2. Great news!!! Luck O' the Irish! Happy St Pats to you!

  3. You're wrong - those are not "good" numbers. Those are GREAT numbers! I'm already predicting at least 28 eggs at retrieval!

  4. That sounds great! Are you planning a fresh cycle? Cuz it sounds like you'll be transferring very soon if so! Good luck hon, I'm excited for you.

  5. That sounds fabulous! Sounds like the beginning of a wonderful cycle!