Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busily Not Thinking

Two days of a three day marathon are over. I am wiped out. So much needs to be done at school. Pack up old stuff, attend transition meetings and closing RTI meetings and the big end of the year staff meeting, pack up stuff for summer school, make copies and plan for summer school, do 11 practice assessments and read three chapters and do the quizzes for my grad class. Probably a good thing I'm so busy. I've barely had time to think about the fact that today or yesterday could have been my embryo transfer. I could have been a little bit pregnant right now. Too exhausted to think or write about my feelings....

My good friend at school Becky was venting about how the children are getting more and more rambunctious every day. We often say they are "done". And we are "done". Today she made me laugh by comparing the nine months of the school year to pregnancy. At first, you're very excited and want to do everything possible to make it a healthy successful school year with lots of growth for your students. Toward the middle you're scared and nervous that you haven't done enough and there's still so much to do and get ready for. At the end, you just want them out, out, out! Funny to think I've been going through a school year "pregnancy" each year for 12 years. Bring on the real thing! I'm ready!

During a kindergarten team meeting one teacher was asked if she thought this student would be able to have success in first grade. The teacher looked at me and said she thought she would be ready for first if she was put in my class for summer school. The principal said of course and we want her to have these other two struggling students as well. Truly, it is these small things that make me know that I'm changing lives forever. It's hard to believe that my co-workers and principal have such confidence in me but it makes me proud.


  1. How wonderful to be able to make such a difference in the lives of these kids, and how even more wonderful to get recognition for that from your co-workers and principal! You truly deserve to be proud of yourself!

  2. Busy is good. And it truly is a wonderful thing to know that you are helping those children so much.

  3. It's nice to be busy, a thoughtless way to tame the beast (aka-mind)! Awesome job getting picked for the tough students, you obviousely have something in you that the rest of them do not...be proud sister!

    I loved the analogy about the school year and pregnancy, that was spot on!!!

  4. What a great feeling for you to get the confidence of your co-workers as well as your principal...good for you!