Friday, May 21, 2010

Third Grade

Looks like I'll be teaching third grade next year. I was very surprised when the principal told me and I'm not too excited about it. I cried for a minute when I told Becky about it. I have loved every moment of being a reading teacher and truly feel it's what I was born to do. I hate, hate, hate that so much education funding has been cut this year. I really, really thought I was going to be teaching first grade next year. I just feel that I'm better with younger students and there's the terrible ISAT testing in third grade and they have worse behavior issues. I will be teaching on a team with someone who is the complete opposite from me. Picture a young, high maintenance, conceited, party girl. I'm full of doubt about the whole situation. I keep reminding myself that I'm lucky to be employed.

Good thing there is donor news to pick up my spirits! Connie from the clinic called to tell me to start back on birth control and to discuss future medication. I knew my new donor had donated previously and I asked about the results. There were 30 eggs retrieved, 28 matured and they were able to freeze 11 embryos. The recipient is currently pregnant with twins. I think this is all very good news! The retrieval was April 9th. That was not very long ago. I asked both Connie and Dr. A if a recent donation back in April would effect the outcome of my donation and they both said she should be fine to donate again in July. I believe them, of course, but you know I'll be googling it up tonight.


  1. Sorry it's not the grade you'd been hoping to teach but I hope it goes ok. Wow, that's really great about that donor. I hope it's an awesome cycle.

  2. Sorry about the change up for next year. I know your not looking forward to it, but I have a feeling they put you there for a reason...because I bet you will be exactly what the 3rd graders need. (as well as the bimbo) ;)

    Great news about the donor....what a nice way to head into the weekend. Happt thoughts!

  3. You'll probably do just as well with those third graders as you did with the readers. I'm guessing they put you there to rub off on that other teacher and you will. You'll only leave them and that teacher better than you found them.

    Yay for the donor! Sounds like you are in for awesome results. I can't wait to read about it all.

  4. Those numbers sound great! I'm so happy that this is happening again!

  5. Sorry you didn't get the grade you wanted, but I'm sure you'll do great with the older kids!

    And good news about the donor :-).

  6. Hey Paige!
    Great news on the donor front! Sorry about the grade you're teaching - I don't teach but have been in a lot of re-orgs where I suddenly have a new boss or a new set of responsibilities and it's tough but at the end you learn from it. Hang in there. Oh, and that party girl - I bet she's very insecure under her conceited facade. You probably will be able to break that down with kindness...just guessing.

  7. Oh man! I imagine that did throw you for a loop! Half my family are teachers and they went through all kinds od=f nonsense the last year. Losing jobs, getting rehired . Getting moved around,etc. I'm sorry it happened to you too.
    Looks positive for the baby situation!!!!
    Habe a pretty day!

  8. awesome donor news! I'm so excited for you! Just work some of your magic on the party girl and make the most of the year. Feed her cookies and treats... Those kids might just need you and you might make a bigger difference in their lives than you know? Still sucks I know. On the bright side you might just not be there at the end of year if all goes well in July. Then again my math might be off! I'm more of a reader too!

  9. Sorry you got moved to a classroom you aren't thrilled about. I hope that it's bearable, with at least a few good things. I hear you on the budget issues. My stepmom has been a classroom aide for years, and was just informed that she has no job next year. And I work in a public health center, so I feel the crunch first hand every day too.
    I am excited about your donor news! To know there is a pregnant (with twins!) woman via your donor is encouraging to say the least!

  10. Good news about your donor...

    Sorry you didn't get the grade you wanted for next year...those kids will be lucky to have you though & maybe you can teach that conceited party girl a thing or 2 ;)