Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Carousel Ride

I went with our Kindergarten classes on a field trip today. This is the first field trip I've been on as simply a chaperon and it felt so carefree to be without the huge responsibility of being the classroom teacher on my shoulders. We went to the Butterfly House where we learned all about insects and got to walk around the solarium where exotic foliage grows and thousands of butterflies were flying all around us.

Across the park from the Butterfly House is a restored 90 year old carousel. As we walked across the park, I could tell from the questions they asked that most of the children had no background experience with riding a carousel. I tried my best to explain but it's kind of an obscure thing, if you've never experienced it. They asked if the horses were real, what they ate, how they went up and down, what kept the horses from falling off the circle. These are children of poverty and most have pretty limited experiences.

It ended up being a pretty special experience for me. The children's faces lit up and there was such joy in the air. All those happy, excited children laughing and holding on tight. Riding up and down on their beautiful painted ponies while the quaint carousel music was playing. It sounds corny to say but it felt like a little magic was in the air. If you've never experienced an antique carousel ride with 30 kindergartners, I highly recommend it.

Second IM Delestrogen shot today, still can't get over how easy it is. Blood test on Friday and ultrasound/lining check in one week. One week! Sperm donor chosen and ordered (but I can't think of a name for him).
Check, check, check.


  1. I am so flipping giddy for you. Carousel and giddy go together right?! When is the tentative transfer date?

    (Is your internet back yet?!)

  2. My first thought is kindergarteners who've never seen a carousel? I guess the poverty part explains it. I'm glad you were able to experience that with them.
    And yay for being another step closer to transfer!!!

  3. Children really do make things just a little more magical, don't they? That sounds like a nice ride.

    One week? Wow. Checking things off and you're ready! I named my donor spermdaddy. I'm really original. Hopefully you'll think up something better than I did.

  4. Savor those magical moments, nothing at all corny about them,,,,Our ability to notice and appreciate them is just as special as the moment itself. It says a lot about what an amazing person you are my friend.


  5. What a wonderful experience on the carousel...

  6. Glad you and the kids had this magical moment :-)
    And isn't it fun to just be the extra hand and not the one in charge..
    Glad the IMs are easy, and very excited for you!!