Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Famous Doctor

So I'm webstalking Dr. AA last night cause what else is a single TTC gal to do on a Saturday night? Pathetic, I know. Dr. AA's website says he's been chosen to be the fertility consultant on a new TLC show about conception. At first, I was very excited because surely this means he really is one of the best in the country, TLC would surely choose a highly reputable doctor and how many people get to see their doc on TV? This is a show that follows 6 women in their journey to conceive, some are just beginning their journey and some have been struggling for a while. None of them have similar profiles to myself, big shocker...

As I read the Expert Q & A, I realize this is just a giant First Response ad and I'm disappointed in Dr. AA. His answers are legit but each one also includes a plug for a First Response product. Ok...I'm just going to out him right here, now you will all know Dr. AA's real identity...what the heck, it's not like I'm his only patient and apparently he's going to be famous now. He is even featured in part of the show's trailer. He's quite good looking, maybe that is why he was chosen, not because of his talent in the field. I kind of feel like he's a big sell-out. Sorry, Dr. AA, I will always be a Clearblue girl. (or whatever's on sale, I don't really believe there's a difference)

Back in January, Dr. H discouraged me from going to another well known RE in my area and encouraged me to go to Dr. AA. I remember he specifically said that Dr. AA was not out for fame and monetary gain and that the other doc seemed to be. Now I have to wonder.

Still it is kind of exciting and believe me I'll be watching every moment of the show. When I see Dr. AA on Tues, I shall ask him to autograph my

Happy Mother's Day...I'm wishing for a crystal ball so I can see next year's Mother's Day.


  1. I had never heard of this show, looks like I will have to start following it now! Your doctor is handsome, but I have to agree, he is engaging in his claim to fame....but I am sure he is just as a good a doctor.

    Lol about autographing your ute, funny girl!


  2. As long as he gets you preg! (and he will! next year's mother's year will have you celebrating it as n new mother!)
    [and yes, he is good looking :-)]

  3. I've never heard of the show either although I really haven't been watching much TV lately either. I'm sure the show is being sponsered in part by first response. Me, I usually will go with the cheapest too although I do sort of prefer FRER for hpts.
    Hope the fame doesn't go to his head and this is a fantastically successful cycle.

  4. I've heard of this show. I didn't know about the doc, only that it was First Response related. I looked to see if there were any similar girls too. Not even. Very cool that thats your doc though!

    Next Mother's Day is going to be awesome for you!

  5. Autograph your ute! Ha! That is classic!

  6. Oh, Paige! You make me laugh out loud!!! "Autograph your ute"! too funny!!

  7. Just to be fair, your doc may really just want to get the message out about IF and to be on the show he has to endorse the product - I guess you just have to wait and see. But like others said, if he gets you knocked up it's all good!

    So funny to hear about the corn planter - I used to ride them when I was small with my dad, then I drove a pea combine summers through college. But out here they can't get quite as monsterous due to the hills -