Thursday, May 6, 2010

Waiting For My Dandelion Wish

Not sure if the Cal'Asia incident is still affecting me or if it's Lupron finally rearing it's moody head but I've been very weepy for the last day or so. I cried 3 times last night during Glee. Glee, for heavens sake! And this morning during a song on the radio. I was also brought to tears just now by all YOUR supportive comments. Yesterday after I wrote about not wanting to talk to my friends, I felt very selfish and as if what I was feeling wasn't normal. Thank you all for being my friends.

I've been in that dark place a little....the one where I end up childless.

Things were a bit crazy at school. Everyone is frazzled and just trying to get year end testing done while keeping the children, who have caught severe spring fever, in some sort of order. I am NOT looking forward to dealing with all that next year when I'm forced to go back to a classroom position.

Stretch: Who is Madonna?
Me: 80's pop star, rock icon, etc
Stretch: Oh, did she get famous on American Idol?

Me to DollFace: Blow all those dandelion fuzzies away and make a wish.
DollFace: (Squinches up her face and whispers to the dandelion)
3 days later....
DollFace: I'm still waiting for my dandelion wish to come true...I wished that all kitties would like me.


  1. AWWWWW - ir must be the horomones- crazy insane hormones!!!

    I wrote a post a long time ago titled Dandelion Wishes..I want you to get your wish too. Did you pick one for yourself and make a wish?! I did the other day...I hope our wishes come true, more than you know.


  2. Dollface made me laugh out loud! Sweet little lady!

  3. I would guess that the teary stuff is related to both the hormones and the stress of doing a cycle. Both are hard on your body. Be gentle with yourself and take care. Hugs to you.

  4. So cute, those girls :-)
    And hugs to you!