Friday, August 20, 2010

Big End To A Big Week

E and C have closed on a lovely home. They have been looking for a long time and actually looked at this house early on but had trouble with negotiations. It is a modest, older home that needs a lot of handyman love but it's on a charming piece of land with a pond, creek and there is an ancient in ground pool as well. Stretch and Dollface are very excited about that. Coming from a family of very limited finances, I have to admit we are all excited.

It has been a very big week for our family! My mom has been driven fairly insane with anticipation, worry and big plans for both of us. She's been at E's house helping with landscaping and tells me she's designing a nursery in her head while she digs. She'll be all the way insane before the year is up. She's halfway there already!

Meanwhile, I haven't found the chance to tell my dad that I'm pregnant. (Me! I'M pregnant!) I didn't get any reaction at all to the last good news I told him which was about the 22 eggs retrieved. In fact, I think I got a shrug. I'm not avoiding telling him but I haven't seen him and don't want to tell it over the phone. I guess it just doesn't seem like a priority.

I'm having mild but weird cramps in the neighborhood of my right ovary. I've been so euphoric the past few days that I sort of forgot that there is still a distance to go until I reach my true destination and there is a lot that could go wrong on the journey. It has been so hot and humid at school the past two days. The children are so needy at this stage, I spend a lot of my time on my feet monitoring them. Did I over do it?

I'm sticking with the hypothesis that as long as there is no bleeding, everything is fine. You hang on in there, you hear me!

Still over the moon happy...and thank you all for supporting me. I hope my posts haven't been too much. I do feel as though I've run on a bit. These have literally been the happiest few days of my entire life. Thank you for being out there reading and applauding, Blog Family. It is so wonderful to be able to share my joy with you all when I can't share with too many people in real life yet.


  1. I love reading about your happy week (and beyond)! Keep it coming!

  2. I second that -- I love all the blog postings. This is such an exciting time and I love getting to hear where your head is at.

    I had a lot of weird light pain in my left ovary for the first 6-7 weeks, and still do sometimes. Plus I had quite a bit of sensation in my uterus until about week 8 or so, sort of tugging, not really cramping. Based on my very limited experience, it sounds like everything is normal! But if it ever hurts a lot -- definitely call the dr to be sure.

    How exciting this all is!!! What a great way to start off the new school year...

  3. Oh no, never too much blogging! I'm taking it all in so I can know what to expect when I finally make the leap :) So keep on sharing, and thank you FOR sharing with all of us.

  4. I love reading too. I hope things keep going well.

  5. Your success inspires me, Paige. I hope one day soon, I will be able to post a picture of me holding a + HPT.
    So happy for you!!