Friday, August 27, 2010

Crisis Over....Sort Of

Thank you so much, Blog Family, for the comments and prayers. You'll never know how much that helps me cope. I can really count on you guys. You don't walk but run to support me and I adore you for that.

The bleeding stopped almost the moment I settled down at home. Emotionally, it was a very frightening evening but I didn't bleed through the night at all. Not a drop although the toilet paper was still pink this morning. Extremely light spotting today, like if I wasn't looking for it I wouldn't have noticed it.

The nurse called early to check on me and then again after she'd talked to Dr. A. She told me to take it a little easy today but it was ok to be at work, just keep a close watch for any bleeding. She said that after hearing my symptoms and that the bleeding had suddenly stopped the doctor was sure it was cervical irritation. Old blood pooling in the bottom of the uterus looking for a way out. If it had been a weak ultrasound he might think differently but he was extremely confident in what he'd seen. A perfectly strong embryo positioned just right in a healthy uterus. He didn't think I needed another ultrasound today and I'm fine with that. I am to watch things over the weekend and they will see me early next week, if needed.

I'm calm and believe it was what they say it was. I believe the crisis has passed. There was so much blood though. I'll never forget the moment when I discovered it. I've never been so close to full on hysteria. I think I did gasp out loud and I remember really fighting to keep quiet and not scream out. Afraid that if I started screaming, I wouldn't be able to stop.

I'll be on eggshells until our next ultrasound on Friday. I've had plans for months to purchase a certain item from a posh boutique when I was for sure that I was pregnant. A fancy place I don't usually shop. I was going to make a special trip there tonight but I couldn't bring myself to. If the doctor is wrong, I don't want that item hanging around the house. I was going to tell two of my closest friends about my baby tomorrow. Now, I don't think I should just yet.

What a harrowing experience....the happiest few hours of my life followed by the most frightening. Will we ever feel safe?


  1. I'm so glad to read your update. I like the doctor's explanation and reassurance. Have yourself a relaxing, stress-free weekend.

  2. What a relief! I have been checking all day for an update and am so glad that today was uneventful.


    Also, I personally found a lot of comfort in telling a few best friends because the support was fantastic and if Heaven forbid something would go wrong I wanted them there for me.

    I am so happy for you Paige. This is happening! You're pregnant!

  3. I'm so glad to hear the bleeding has stopped. I have confidence in your Dr & his explaination. Take it easy this weekend & look after you & Baby.

  4. Oh, paige! I don't know exactly what you're feeling as I didn't go through what you're going through but I remember how I was feeling, so close to falling apart after seeing red the first time. The worst feeling ever. I'm sorry and I hate that you know what that feels like.

    I wish I could tell you you'll feel safe, that any of us are, but I can say that I'm believing and praying you are safe. That you and that little baby just had a scare and you're back on track. I'm believing for you paige.

    Relax this weekend as much as you can. Plan that trip to the store for Friday and how you'll tell your friends.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that the bleeding his stopped. I've been waiting for an update today!

  6. Good to hear the doctor had reassuring words, and that you'll go back next Friday for another visit.

    Honestly, it sounds like having a child will always be like this. I had a long phone conversation with my sister (who has a 13 year old boy) this afternoon. After listening sympathetically to my stress over the CVS test this week, she went on to say how it never ends and gave me repeated examples of what her son is doing these days and how her heart skips beats ALL THE TIME. Maybe we'll get more used to being freaked out though... I hope.

    What is your blood type? Are you Rh negative? likely not, as it's pretty uncommon, but just in case you are you need to be careful about miscarriages. There is a shot (rhogam) that you get if you are Rh negative and miscarry or in some other way shape or form get the baby's blood mixed with yours. You need to get this with within 72 hours in order to not build up antibodies to Rh positive blood (which would seriously complicate later pregnancies). Not to scare you, but just in case... (I'm Rh negative and almost screwed this up with my miscarriage a couple of years ago.)

    hugs, inB

  7. I am so happy to hear things have settled down. Now relax and have a good weekend!
    FWIW,I refused to buy anything for Farty until I was 21 weeks pregnant. I didn't want to 'jinx it.'
    You'll know when you're ready to buy out the stores and there will be no stopping you!!!

  8. Thank the lord!!!! I had a feeling it was all ok- but hearing it from the doctor and knowing the bleeding stopped is so much more reassurring. Take it easy lady and let those babies rest (hrmmm, why did I say those?! freudian slip?!). Cant wait to see your special purchase when the right timee comes along.

  9. So glad things are looking good for you. Things can really turn on a dime; and I have to say I didn't tell ANYONE until 20 weeks and we got the results of the amnio. Most people are not THAT paranoid (I'm special that way)! But if people are close to you I think it is great to let them in on your awesome news. Take care, and sending good thoughts your way.

  10. I'm sure as my mother still worries and dotes over her three grown daughters, you will constantly worry about your own child(ren). I think it may be a requirement in the mommy handbook ;)
    Oh, I can't wait to find out what your special purchase is, but you'll know when the perfect time to pick it up will be. It may be nice to tell friends so that they will be with you through this pregnancy, the thick and thin of it. But if you're not quite ready for that we'll all be here for you!
    Have a nice serene night dreaming of your wonderful little one(s) growing strong inside of you, and all the shenanigans they'll get you into in the future ;)

  11. So happy to hear this news, Paige. So happy! You raise a good question - will we ever feel safe? inBetween has a great response. As my mom always says, "once a mother, always a mother." Meaning, the protection you feel for your child never goes away.
    Not sure if reading that will make you feel better (!) but just keep taking those steps, one at a time, just like you're doing. And breathe.

  12. Paige, I'm so happy to hear that the bleeding has stopped. Thank God!

  13. Yikes. I'm sorry I missed all of this earlier. I'm glad the bleeding has stopped and I hope it doesn't come back. Hope your weekend is calm and that you're able to relax some. Hugs to you.

  14. I wasn't able to check blogs lately ... thankfully I get to read the more recent ones and know that things are looking up for you.

    I had stopped TTC when mine finally happened, so it was a surprise to me. I NEVER would have been able to live through all of the suspense otherwise. You are so strong to be positive through all of this.