Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! 24 hours from now I'll be PUPO!!

Whew! Got that out of my system.

Best acupuncture session ever! I swear I could feel my uterus plumping up and relaxing. She also sent me home with some crazy seeds taped to my ear! She said it wasn't about the seed but pressure on these points would encourage a relaxed uterus for a few days.


I'm a FIRST GRADE teacher. I went to school today and it was so freaking hot in that building! I sweat through my shirt all over! But I was able to talk to the new principal. She's actually the principal of the other grade school in our district but will be overseeing two schools with the help of an assistant. She said that she couldn't figure out what why some of the staff had been moved around and it would be better if we were in grade levels where we were more comfortable. Whew!

She expressed some disdain for what had been done in our school in past years and said she couldn't figure out what all the changes were about. Looks like we will be going toward more of a traditional way of doing things. Personally, I think this is a step back for our school but most of the other teachers think it's a good thing. The new principal seems very much like a straight shooter and it will be a relief to not have to read between the lines all the time. We'll see. This will be the fourth principal I've worked under at this school and we always love them at first.


  1. Wooooohooooo! I can't wait for your report tomorrow! With my third IUI (the one I got the BFP on) I had a huge pimple in my right ear - my acupuncturist saw it and said that it was right on the pressure point that she puts a little seed on for her IVFers, and she theorized that it helped me get my BFP. LOL I don't have a pimple this time, so I'm really tempted to tape a few seeds in there myself.

    Congrats on the good job news, too!

  2. PAIGE I AM SO EXCITED!!! I have been checking my dashboard ALL day waiting for your news. I hope that everything goes smoothly tomorrow and I can't wait for this two week wait to end up with YOUR bfp!!!

  3. Will be thinking of you tomorrow!

  4. good luck!!! I'll be thinking of you all day!

  5. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Looks like Friday is going to be a great day!! Congrats on being PUPO soon! I cannot wait to hear about it all.

  6. Yay for tomorrow!!!! Many good wishes coming your way.
    Glad you got the 1st grade class you were hoping for.

  7. Everything is falling into place perfectly for you!!! I will be thinking of you all day today & sending you good baby vibes!! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  8. I am keeping everything crossed for you!

  9. PUPO! Crossing my fingers for you!

    Great that you're going to teach 1st grade :-) And good that you don't have to read between the lines with this bew principal. Hope you will still love her at the end of the year..

  10. Glad you got the grade you want, I'm sure that will help to not create added pressure you don't need while trying to nurture a new little bean :)