Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Ramble

I told my dad I was pregnant. He was his usual stoic self. "That's great, I hope it turns out how you want it." Not sure what he meant by that. How I want it? Living and healthy, of course. I told him I was very happy and excited about it and I hoped he was too. He didn't comment on that but started asking questions about "my chances". We only had a limited time to talk so I wasn't able to ferret out what he was actually getting at. I'm wondering if he doesn't approve of how I've gone about this but doesn't want to discourage me by expressing that. Maybe he's trying to walk the line between supporting me without actually expressing approval. He's so difficult to figure out!

Dad went on medication for high blood pressure this week. He must bring it down within two weeks or his trucker's licence will be revoked. I'm praying they are able to bring it under control. Dad spends alot of time in that big truck and really enjoys it. They've just purchased a new trailer and harvest will begin in two weeks or so. It's the busiest time and it would be difficult on my brother and cousins as well as Dad, if he was unable to drive.

E and C began renovations on their new home. I know E is feeling terrible pressure. There is so much to do and harvest will be upon us soon. C is having trouble making decisions and sometimes changes her mind mid-conversation. They both seem overwhelmed. Obviously, I'm out of the running for helping with the hard labor. I tried to help out by taking the girls for a few hours each day. Yesterday, I had them over here for a while until Stretch went to her friend's house, then I took Dollface with me to do some errands and get lunch and supplies for the workers back at the house. Today I took them both to eat pizza and see a movie.

Stretch said she'd heard that I was thinking about adopting a child. I'm not sure where she got this because it's never been discussed although I was considering that a while back. I didn't know what to say. It's too soon to tell her because I'm sure she would have to tell a friend or two and our whole small town could know from there. I know she's picked up tidbits of conversation here and there. C makes no effort to edit her speech around the children. I responded by asking her what she thought about it. She said it would be great but that I should make sure I adopt a kid who's at least 7 because that's the youngest she would be able to play with. I just said that you never know, it could be a tiny baby and then changed the subject.

I'm still waking up at 3:30A.M. Grrrr I actually fell asleep at the movie. Something I've never done before. Dollface woke me up and admonished me to stay awake!

Driving up and down a very hilly road:
Dollface: Hehehe...that tickles my tummy and my pee pee!
Stretch: TMI, Dollface, TMI


  1. So sorry tohear about your Dad'd high bp. The meds often do work really quickly, so hopefully things will be ok.

    What kind of crops does your family grow? I think that's pretty cool.

    You know a weird thing? Ever since I got pregnant I wake up at 3:30am too! about every other night I can't go back to sleep for a couple hours. I hope you don't get that too.

    As for your Dad's kind of confusing reaction, I think you should not read too much into it. I must totally freak dads out when their little girl gets pregnant. And as he sees how happy you are, as time goes by he'll feel exactly the same.

  2. I'm sorry your dad hasn't been as supportive as you would have wanted him to be. That's just really too bad... but all that matters is that little one growing inside of you right now! That's the good stuff there! ;)

  3. "Get use to the 3:30 am wake ups!" That's what everyone keeps telling me...I'm sure you can imagine what I want to say back, lol!

    I hope your Dad's BP is able to be controlled.

  4. I too wouldn't think to much about your dad's reaction to the pregnancy. It may take him a while to catch up in the enthusiasm department but I'm sure he will. I hope the BP meds do their thing for your dad and that the harvest goes well.

  5. I think dads usually feel a little weird talking about this sort of thing with their daughters - and it is super early yet. I know my dad was happy but I don't think he ever acknowledged my pg in any way (except driving my mom around to shop for baby gifts). Please take care, thinking of you.

  6. Dads are so funny as in awkward - I dont think they really know what to say or how to be supportive. All I know is when that baby comes and he's glancing down at his grandbaby in his arms, his whole world is going to change and his heart is going to melt to pieces.

    Until then, I hope you can get his Blood pressure under control and continue to do the work he loves so much.

  7. My dad was weird too, he knew I was pregnant, but did not ever say a single word about it until I actually had Farty. Even when I was waddling around at 38 weeks pregnant, the day before I had him, my dad still refused to acknowledge the fact that I was indeed very pregnant. He loves being a grandpa though, he just prefers not to think about the process of getting there I guess. Maybe your dad will come around when it's 'real' to him.

  8. I've been checking all day for an ultrasound picture! Can't wait to see the update!