Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pinwheel Thoughts

May I just say that this waiting and wondering is for the effing birds!!!

My mind is a constant spinning pinwheel of good, hopeful thoughts and negative ones.

Thank goodness a good friend reminded me that thoughts aren't going to change what happens in my pregnancy....

MY pregnancy....I'm pregnant!

Sort of


  1. Definitely it is YOUR pregnancy, you just needed a little extra help from about 30 other people. Sometimes it takes a village to *make* a child as well as raise one. :)

    You are in a really hard place right now, so remind yourself that it is totally ok to feel as crazy as an outhouse rat (as my great aunt would say). It does suck, but it is a great place to be once you remember about how hard it was to get here. You are one giant step closer to your goal... be good to yourself so as to entice those little embies to stick around!

  2. All the times that I "tried", I couldn't stand the 2ww. I thought I would go completely insane from the constant jumping around of thoughts.

    Can't wait to hear good news!

  3. LOL - I expect this might be a common theme the next two weeks...but we are here for all the craziness - we live vicariousely through each other and so let the madness begin!!!! I bet acu can help though - next time you go let them know your mind is racing. I used to let Miss Shelly know when mine was in overdrive and she worked her magic on me...if all else fails, type away...we are here!!!!

  4. It's so true, what your friend said. Your mind is going to flip flop a million times in the next 2 weeks, try to remain positive, stay busy...all the cliches that are supposed to make the 2ww least your BFP in the end will make it all worth while!!

  5. I've been thinking of you, Paige---sending lots of positive thoughts your way, every day!

  6. Yup, waiting sucks ass. I hope the time goes by quickly.