Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good and Bad

I had a lovely lunch with LP and JH outdoors at a local winery. These are two of my closest friends that I've taught with for years and we took our graduate courses together. I debated back and forth about telling them and in the end decided to let the baby out of the bag.

Such joy!! I still had these photos on my camera so I told them I wanted them to see some cute pics. I absolutely LOVED watching their faces as they put it all together. They were ecstatic for me. JH immediately had tears in her eyes and LP is already talking about showers and names. I will treasure this memory forever. My baby is going to have some pretty fantastic aunties.

It was liberating to be able to tell my story openly. I could not have asked for a more warm and sympathetic response to the whole tale including the good, bad and ugly.

At 7pm I discovered I was bleeding again. Only lightly so far.

So much for getting any sleep tonight. Why does every great joy seem to be paired with some great worry?


  1. You told some close friends - YAY! That's awesome you have such great support from your friends IRL!

    So sorry your beautiful night ended with some light bleeding/spotting. I still think you're well within the "normal spotting" range. (But I wish I could make it stop!)

  2. Hope the bleeding stops again soon. Yay for telling people. It must be so exciting to share that.

  3. Darn that spotting- it must stop!!!! Maybe your joy is making you bleed?! LOL I bet that bleeding is just reminents from yesterday.....I know its hard not to worry....but lets assume thats it and get some rest. or at least your physically resting even if you cant sleep. xoxoxox

  4. Yay for telling your friends! You're going to need their support, it's great they're ready and willing to give it to you.

    Bleeding in the first trimester is so common, but you know you're going to worry every time it happens. I think you should call your RE on Monday and go ahead and schedule an ultrasound. It'll make you feel better.

  5. Glad you had a great telling your friends! Having that bit of support got me through a good bit. Spotting sucks and I hope it stops! I agree with shannon, go ahead and schedule so you can have that reassurance any time that spotting shows up and ruins your mood.

  6. I'm glad you now have some offline support :) It must feel so good to tell some friends!
    The spotting on the other hand isn't making you feel good, and I'm sorry for that :( I wish I could stop it for you or knew more about it.
    I hope that when you do fall asleep tonight, you get a good restorative night's rest. You'll be in my prayers as I go off to slumberland.

  7. I bet it felt so good to tell someone your story!
    I hope the spotting stops and you are able to find peace and joy in your pregnancy without fear and worry getting in the way. I'll be praying for you!

  8. Paige, you give us SMC hope. Take it easy.. one day at a time.

  9. I've been thinking about you all weekend but have been away from my computer! I'm sorry to hear about the spotting but try to stay calm, it could be normal. Still praying for you & Baby.

    It's good you had a nice time telling your friends.