Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Should I?

A good day for me mentally but only because I've accepted that I'm probably not pregnant. Not being negative here, just realistic. I know, it's early, too early for symptoms, etc but this is what my intuition is telling me. Perhaps I'm just protecting myself. Don't know.

Today, I'm 5dp5dt. I think that's it. My 5 day transfer was 5 days ago. If they're still in there, they are 10 days old.

I never thought I'd be the type to be desperate to pee on a stick, but here I am, POAS desperation personified. I have two tests in the house from a previous cycle.
So, should I?

My first beta will be Friday, second beta Monday. Monday seems so far away. My clinic has a policy that they do not tell you your first beta results because they say you can't really tell for sure until you can compare both test results. They will give you the results of the first test, if you request them. I never thought I'd be the type to rebel against a clinic's policy.
So should I?

The thought of going into another weekend not feeling anything, not knowing anything at all, wondering....I'm not sure I could bear it.

I want my babies so badly.


  1. I'd POAS on Friday at least. I think.

    It's so hard to know....I had a negative HPT 12dpIUI, but then a BFP 14dIUI. I think I felt worse having the negative than I would have if I'd just waited. But I'm still planning on testing 12pIUI this time, too!

    You will get your babies. I know it. And I really hope you're wrong, and this time is your time! *fingers crossed*

  2. I think you should wait. There is nothing more depressing than a "not pregnant" pee-stick. Why put yourself through it when you know it's too early to test?

    My dr's office told me that IVF embryos can take a little longer to implant.

    If you can't take it any more with the HPTs, at least try to wait until Sunday morning... that gives them two more days to snuggle in good.

  3. With each passing day, hour, even minute... it's one step closer to when you POAS and your BFP. I'm no expert but I've read that many women don't experience any symptoms until much later.
    So hang in there, Paige... and keep having those baby daydreams!

  4. Hang in there, give it time. Testing on Friday sounds like a good plan to me.

  5. have you had any acupuncture? your acupuncturist may be able to tell you (mine did)


  6. Oh Paige...this waiting is so hard...I read on another blog about wanting to POAS & a commenter suggested doing it but throwing it away right away without looking at it since the early results wouldn't be accurate anyway...I don't think I could do that without looking though ;)