Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nice Nieces

Too tired to write anything of substance. Just in from dinner at E's house. I think it's hysterical how people think I'm going to waste away though all of this. I have a little a lot of extra padding to work with here so people shouldn't worry. I was so tired but in the spirit of being "ok" I went and I'm glad I did. I played with both of the girls and they both seemed rather more affectionate than usual. Stretch wanted to show me her juggling and guitar hero skills. Dollface wanted to play "makeover" and littlest pet shop. They hid my shoes when it was time for me to go home so I would stay longer. I only choked up once while I was there. Now I'm sitting here with the fingernails on one hand painted hot pink and the fingernails on the other one painted purple and wondering how I got so lucky to be the auntie to such a great family.

But... I wanted a great family too.
Guess my luck ran out.
Maybe I really will spontaneously combust tomorrow.


  1. Glad you have those two cuties in your life. Still thinking of you, Paige...

  2. You will be a lucky mom some day and have your own magical family and Greyson will look down and smile, more then he already is.

    Hugs from afar!

  3. They're just as lucky to have you.
    Your time is yet to come.
    P.S. Thank you for being there for me this week. XO

  4. I hope the only "spontaneous combustion" that occurs is the result of eating beans. he he

    Sorry couldn't pass that up. :)

  5. You are cracking me up with this risk of flames.

    I know you are Midwest. Give me your address and I will be right over to admire that manicure.

    Niece love is great, but the love you give Greyson as his momma is better.

    I hope you enjoy the wkend. I will be there in a couple hours.