Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reiki Healing Massage

Reiki massage. I would go back everyday if I could. I haven't breathed this easy for a very long time. It was a heaven-like break for my brain. For the most part, the only thoughts I had while she was working on me were about the sensations going on in my body and being aware of my breathing. I do believe some hippy trippy healing went on inside my body.

The sensation of energy (or spirit or soul or divinity or whatever) moving in and out and around in my body was real. She started by putting her hands on my legs and I immediately felt a lot of tugging sensations in my uterus area. She asked me to envision golden light surrounding my head and that I was breathing in the golden light. These visions came to me easily and gave me a warm feeling. At one point the light went dark and toward the end I envisioned beautiful golden sparks flying out of my head but I wonder now if they were really trying to go into my head not out.

Different points that she worked on my body created different sensations. When she was working on my shoulders and head, I felt butterflies in my stomach and a very warm melting sensation around the points she was working. At this time, my tight chest loosened up and my breathing that has been "heavy" feeling since I lost Greyson became very effortless and light feeling. My whole body felt very weightless, I almost felt as if I was escaping my body for moments at a time. Like I was trying to have an out of body experience, but the energy kept circling back inside me. The grapefruit sized knot I carry with me in my neck loosened and became very warm and melty feeling.

She worked on my head and I could feel the areas where I usually feel dizziness change. For a time I became very dizzy and sort of high feeling but then those feelings fluttered away and this lightness entered my head too. My head felt very empty and weightless. (Insert appropriate joke here :)

Afterwards I became very tearful and thanked her for her work. Beforehand I had told her about the still birth, dizzy spells, headaches and this huge knot at the base of my neck. Afterwards I asked her to tell me about myself. I can't remember a lot of what she said but they were all things you would expect related to what I had told her. She said my pelvic area feels empty and injured because I'm still healing. Something about the pancreas but I don't remember what. My diaphragm was very tight and was holding in bad energy which is why it's been difficult to breath. She said it felt like I'd had a very bad blow to the diaphragm which is related to the respiratory system. But then she said something about resetting something, I can't remember what, because I was having trouble sleeping so resetting this would help correct the sleeping problem. I hadn't told her I was having trouble sleeping.

Then she gave me instructions about detoxing over the next few days by drinking more water than usual and putting lemon into it, eating raw apples and taking a bath with salt and vinegar in it. She said that the bad energy let loose in the body heads for bloodstream and then the liver so we need to help the body get rid of those toxins.

I scheduled a whole hour next month.


Sidenote: When I first went in there and told her about losing Greyson, she immediately asked me if I had a support group. I just blurted out what happened with the baby showing up at the meeting last night. She was horrified and offered to mention something to the leader. Turns out she founded that very support group years ago. The randomness of the world.....


  1. What an amazing experience.

    I've had incredible body work experience like that before - and even a phone session with a friend who is an energy healer. It sounds bizarre, but it was incredible. I might even be brave enough to blog about it one day!

  2. I really need to try it. I'm glad that it was so good for you! Hugs

  3. That's GREAT!!!
    I'm so glad to read of you receiving some good healing.
    I've also had a couple of pretty profound experiences with energy work. I'm glad you found someone good.

  4. Sounds so relaxing and delicious! Glad you got to enjoy for a bit, and even more glad you'll get at least an hour next month!!

  5. Awesome, Paige. What a fabulous experience! Im glad you were able to breathe easier, take a mental vacation and to heal up a little. Also glad you get to enjoy it again next month.
    Strange/cool bit of randomness.

  6. Ummm...Friday night I'll be needing the name and location of this woman...that sounds like pure delight!

  7. Sounds amazing! I get regular massages but this sounds like on a whole other level.

  8. I feel like those types of "randomness" happen so often in my life. Some people are put into your life path for a purpose. Maybe she was here to help you through this. Hugs**

  9. I love Reiki too - it's such an amazing, therapeutic experience. And I'm glad you're going back next month.

  10. I doubt you feel like this but you are truly inspirational. Your strength and determination to quietly 'forge ahead' is totally cool.

  11. Im a believer in alternative therapies... so to hear you say you felt some relief, proves to me that its not mumbo jumbo. I myself have literally just come from an "emergency treatment" with my acu guy and his wife who did healing Reiki on me... I feel so much better mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    I am glad it made a difference to your outlook Paige. My advice is to go as often as you can.

  12. I'm trained in Reiki! I still have a couple levels of training to go, but I can do it! It's really awesome. I'm glad you were able to find peace and comfort through it.