Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coffee Table Talk, Anyone?

Didn't get my butt moving until noon but spent the afternoon and evening shopping. I went by myself for a change and it felt good to make choices on my own. I was able to be very focused. Picked out some dining chairs, coffee table/ottoman, and some things to hang on the walls around here. I had the hardest time finding a coffee table. Many of them were too large or too plain or too fancy. I finally chose a small, leather ottoman with a hinged lid and storage. Too tired now to unload it but can't wait to see what it will look like. I've been here two and a half years but there are still some blank walls. Since this was my grandma's house, it took a while to be able to change things a lot. I just painted this past summer and it will be good to see some finishing touches.

Yet another reason that it would be great to get pregnant, then I'd feel comfortable spending savings on a desperately needed kitchen remodel rather than hoarding it for fertility treatments. As if the burning desire and NEED to be a mother weren't enough....a new kitchen could hang in the balance. Not having a dishwasher sucks.

I had some spotting in the afternoon. I'm hoping tomorrow will be CD 1 for sure and I won't have vague spotting/light flow which confuses me. Is it CD 1 or not? Is the flow heavy enough to "count" or should I wait another day to proclaim it CD 1? My own body makes me feel like a moron sometimes.

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