Friday, January 8, 2010

League of OB Handsomeness

2nd Snow Day in a row. Used it to google the new fertility specialist. Hubba hubba! Verrrrrry good looking. He really looks like an All-American Hero. I hope my legs don't spontaneously fly apart when I meet him...I'm thinking I could get preggers just by looking at him. My regular OB who has been helping me up until now is very good looking too. It's like an OB League of Handsomeness. They run around wearing capes and superhero utility belts carrying speculums and vials of sperm thwarting infertility villians and making baby dreams come true.

I also googled my regular OB. And I found the most adorable picture of him holding a newborn at the hospital. It was one of those photo galleries that people can put online to share with their families. I've become obsessed with thoughts of this photo. The baby boy is so cute and the doc looks so handsome. It's weird and psycho I know... This is someone's actual photo from someone's actual life. Can't help but wish it was my baby, and my photo. I'm not really on the edge...I've banned the site so as not to obsess any further.

Too much time alone with my thoughts, I guess.

Still no symptoms.
Friday weigh in: 324

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