Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To Sum It Up.

To sum up my day:

Woke up crying, couldn't bring myself to go to work.
Stopped crying, started moping.
Watched TV, started crying again.
Wrote a blanket email to yayas and waited for the Cavalry.
Looked up adoption information.
Looked up other Fertility Clinics in my area
Made an appt. with Dr. Hottie, hoping he can remove polyp and give me some advice.
Thought about how I would talk to Dr. H. without crying.
Wondered if everyday would be touched with sadness from now on.
Wondered if I was being too dramatic.
Read about mini-IVF and felt like I was grasping at straws in desperation.
Cried some more.
Picked up DollFace.
Hid my pain from my bro when he picked her up.
Wondered how I would tell my family.
Breathed in and out all day long.

I think I got a lot done. Don't you?
Thank you everyone for your comments. They were all very encouraging to read.

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