Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eggbert and the Globetrotters

I went to Dr’s office yesterday to get my HcG shot. I felt so guilty asking this nurse to come in on the Saturday after a holiday, I know I shouldn’t because that’s her job and she’s paid to do it but I also know how I would feel in her place. Also, I had to call this poor woman at 8 at remind her to come give me the shot at 9. I know I woke her up… felt awkward.

It was erie in the office without the beehive of activity (confusion?) that is always there. When I got there she asks if I brought the HcG? Umm, NO because THEY were supposed to have it! The nurse started calling around to local pharmacys and after the first three calls, I started to panic internally. I almost get choked up and say…just forget it…not meant to be and maybe I’ll ovulate without it this time. Right, I haven't ovulated on my own for 3 months, but maybe this will be the miracle month... Finally, jackpot… a pharmacy in the next town had it and I flew down there to get it. Whew. But when I get back the nurse says she can’t find my chart! Huh??? How could they have lost something like that?

I got the shot at 10am and had a positive OPK by 5! Eggbert is on his way! I hope he's ready to party with some store bought sperm. Wonder if it’s normal for it to happen so fast. IUI scheduled for 7:30 Sunday and I've been praying nonstop. I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight and then woke up 2 hours early. Again the office was erie and quiet, a different nurse was there. As I lugged in the box with The Tank, she chatters away. Very kind and bubbly nurse…just what I need. Assures me that they do this all the time, nothing out of the ordinary.

When we heard the Dr's key in the lock…the nurse said… The King has Arrived! Too funny! Dr and I made small talk, I stuggled to act like it was a normal, everyday thing, especially difficult because I've really come to admire this Dr…so strange…talking about a local fundraiser when he’s about to knock me up! IUI goes fine, better, I think, than the other one because I actually feel the catheder enter my cervix and the dr says my mucus looks good. Yay, for good mucus! I don’t think those two things happened last time.

And…the nurse found my chart…but my ultrasound results were NOT to be found. I swear for all their knowledge and kindness sometimes I want to shout “Get your freaking act together! Don’t you know the creating of MY family is in your hands?!!”. They assured me it is because of the holiday and the weekend. They will hunt it down and call me with the results on Monday and send my whole chart to the new fertility specialist who I HOPE I won’t need.

If anyone is out there reading…please send some good mojo to me and my eggbert!

Five minutes after I got home, my Dad called and reminded me that we have tickets to take my brother and niece to see The Harlem Globetrotters.

Sweet Georgia Brown! If I am lucky enough to be pregnant I will forever associate the Globetrotters with conception.....

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