Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Things I Am Worried About:

-my blood pressure was very high when I went to see Dr. H. about removing the polyp, I'm worried it will be too high for them to do the procedure.
-getting upcoming procedure
-what Dr. H. will tell me during the follow up
-what Dr. AA will tell me during the phone conference
-how to handle second opinion
-second opinion
-going forward with donor egg, if possible
-going forward with some sort of adoption proceedings
-will I be able to sleep tonight
-should I tell a co-worker who I share an office with what's going on
-should I tell my principal
-I don't seem to have much interest in food these days, will binging come back with a vengeance?

And the number one thing I'm worried about tonight---
How will I move forward if becoming a mother is not possible?

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