Sunday, January 31, 2010


I talked to C. on the phone yesterday. It's the first time we've spoken since the Great Pick Up Debacle. I didn't know if she was avoiding me or what. Didn't really care there for a while. She did answer my email informing her of my diagnosis and was very supportive. Anyway, she asked a few questions about the diagnosis and the egg donor situation. Toward the end, she said I should go for it. Also, that I've come this far and why should I stop now? This is the first time, through all of this, that anyone told me what they thought I should do or gave me encouragement to go forward. Don't get me wrong, the people who know have been very supportive in a "whatever you decide" kind of way. But C. wasn't around when I felt as though I was sliding toward the edge of the earth so she didn't handle me with kid gloves. And of course she's known for speaking her mind. I love her for that. I've also hated her for that in the past...good with the bad I guess. Even though I've decided to go forward I needed to hear that touch of outside encouragement.

I'm becoming frustrated because I cannot find any information anywhere about single women using donor sperm AND a donor egg. I've found a few mentions of it here and there but no real info. No blogs, articles, anything. There is plenty of stuff out there about couples using either donor sperm or donor egg and in a few cases both, but nothing about the singleton view of things. I know I'm not a pioneer so if anyone out there in blogland knows of any websites, blogs, anything, please, please give me a shout out.

I walked over to the farm and E. was there with the girls. Stretch is in the middle of her first real science project and struggling. E. became a little impatient, Stretch a little attutudy. I think they weren't sure what the expectations for the assignment were. We ended up having a little fun with it and I think Stretch will be successful. It's sort of a taste test with different kinds of soda. I bombed horribly, of course, since I do not drink the stuff. I showed Stretch how to make a table with Word and she did well and seemed to enjoy it. DollFace came back home with me for a while. She's such a sunny soul. When we went back, she was ready to feed cows with Paw Paw, ride the pony with Mark, milk cows with Dad. Full of questions and ready to try everything. I love my nieces and can't wait to bring them a cousin.


  1. There's a listserv for SMCs with children resulting from donor egg and donor sperm. Email me and I'll send you the link.

  2. What about women with extra eggs frozen? Wonder if we could donate our extras???

  3. I know that Dora at my preconceived notion is a SMC with a baby through donor embryo.

  4. Here from LFCA...I post (albeit infrequently these days) on a SMC board where there are quite a few Moms that used both donor egg and donor sperm, or donated embryos. Here is the link: (but fyi there are annoying ads - helps to have an adblock program, and you have to register on network 54 to be able to read or post) Best of luck to you!