Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Except for the obvious, it was a nice Christmas. The first really white Christmas we've had in many years. A great meal, plenty of sweet treats and wonderful gifts. Mostly, my family. Mom works very hard every year making Christmas so special and loves decorating the house for the holiday. Even though I know it was difficult this year, she still went over the top and the house was so beautiful. Dad usually makes a few gifts. This year he has been into welding little sculptures. Here's my cute, little frog:

I'm so very glad I have these children in my life:

Their joy and excitement is what it's all about. Mom and Dad had gotten them a trampoline and Stretch was super excited, jumping around and screaming. Dollface didn't seem to understand and sort of wandered off singing Rudolph.

E and I usually enjoy watching A Christmas Story together and laughing our butts off but somehow that didn't happen this year. While he and C were watching it I was helping the girls decorate the misfit cookies from yesterday. I watched it later while Dad fell asleep. Not as funny without E there.

There were some tough moments to be sure and my heart's been aching very badly thinking about what should have been the happiest Christmas of my life only to be superseded by next Christmas, Baby's First.

I was joking around, suggesting that they set up the trampoline next to the pool. C said she wanted her children to survive their childhood, haha. I had a hard time but I think I kept my face calm. She was joking, I know. She didn't even realize what she'd said. I wanted my child to survive his birth and childhood too.

Tomorrow we celebrate with my aunt and her family. I'm dreading it. I haven't seen my uncle or cousins since well before it happened. More awkwardness. My cousin is pregnant and due about 2 months before I was. They actually offered to skip it this year but I thought we should still get together. If I'm having a tough time, I can slip out. I'm anxious for all the celebrating to be over.

I'm worried about Clara. She's doing ok with the leg but she hasn't gone pee in over 24 hours. She went when we got home from the vet and yesterday a few times but nothing since 2pm yesterday. I thought she might be going in the house somewhere but I can't find any spots and don't smell anything.

Bonus photo of Greyson's necklace from Kim and Libby...thanks again, girls. I don't know if you chose the clear crystal in the middle but his birthstone would have been a diamond if he'd stayed with me full term.


  1. Hugs to you. What a beautiful necklace.

  2. The holidays are so hard when you are hurting. You are doing a super job holding it together - but remember if you need to take some time to fall apart that's ok too. Glad you were able to enjoy some of the special moments this Christmas. Take care my dear.

  3. adorable kids :-) Merry Christmas!!

  4. Wow, your dad is so talented!

    Beautiful necklace - Kim and LIbby did a great job.

  5. I agree with Shannon- Kim and Libby did a great job of choosing a beautiful necklace.

    Looking at the pictures of the girls, my first thought was "Gosh, Stretch sure is a stretch!" She is so tall! (said by the five-foot woman).

    I'm sorry the holidays are so rough. I can imagine the "should have been's" running around yourmind. Once again I am SO in awe of the grace that you offer your family, even C. I think my snarkiness would have boiled over at her comment and I probably would have ruined the holiday for everyone. So you are so strong. Sending virtual hugs to bolster you through the holiday.

  6. you are a strong woman and I'm amazed at that strength. I almost skipped out on my Christmas this year. I hope to be inspired by your strength. I hope you had a merry Christmas, aside from the obvious.

    And I agree as well, the necklace is beautiful!